ROCK size from 12Gb -> 32Gb after 1.8 upgrade?

Not sure that this is specifically related to the 1.8 upgrade, but from my backup logs it looks like my NUC ROCK install, backups of the whole drive went from about 12Gb to 32Gbs around that time. My Roon database backups are only 50Mb, so a small collection.

Is there anything that needs to be cleaned up from a previous version? Or is there more images etc from the new version?

What makes you think it went up in used space?

I checked diagnostics, and your DB is < 3GB.

It also appears you have some MOCK/emulation thing going on here – My guess is you have something going on there.

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Hey Danny, yeah I run ROCK as a VM on my NUC. I take a backup of the virtual drive on a regular basis. The backup was about 12Gb in total for the best part of a year, then recently jumped up to 32Gb. The drive is provisioned for 64Gb (as per the spec requirements) but only fills to used capacity.

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Just read that I need to have SSD support enabled on the VM drive which will enable TRIM support to stop the drive size ballooning out - and this hadn’t been set. Does ROCK execute fstrim as a CRON job? Either way I’ll be able to sort it out thanks!


Don’t forget to perform Roon backups on an external medium also, since Roon’s database in that backup of yours might not really work, so you’d have to load Roon’s backup to resolve.

Thanks yeah, this is to recover from system failure, I have the regular Roon database backups local and cloud based for if I have to rebuild Roon elsewhere :slight_smile:

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