ROCK Slow Scanning Music Files on New QNAP NAS

I’ve been running Roon Rock on a NUC with locally attached music files for some time without problems. I added a new QNAP TS-251A with 2x8TB RAID 1 drives (my first NAS experience). I installed my music file (54K files) on the NAS in the MUSIC folder. I was able to successfully point my Roon Rock to the music file on my NAS as it’s Watched file and it started scanning my music. After 8 hours my status is “Connected” “Scanning Now”“891 Tracks Imported” “5513 Files Scanned”. Since the scanning time was under an hour for the same music collection when read through locally attached storage, is it normal that the process for the first scan would be so much slower now that the files reside on the NAS or have I some dumb rookie mistake?

It is most likely analyzing the music now that it has (I assume) found all the tracks. The number of cores on the cpu that are used for this can be configured in the settings section under library. But out of interest is this a lan or wifi connection to the NAS?

Thank you. At 12 hours into this it currently indicates "Connected…Scanning now…1030 Tracks Imported…6888 Files Scanned. Both the Rock NUC and the QNAP NAS are connected with ethernet on my LAN. The number of cores on the cpu refers to the NUC and the setting is in Roon setup correct? Would I be able to change this during the ongoing scan or would it mean starting over. I used the same LAN connection to load the music files into the NAS and the entire 3.7 TB took about 12 hours so this process seems very long.

In the Library settings I am set to Fast(1core). The other choices are Fast(2 Cores), Fast (3 Cores), Fast (4 Cores) and Throttled. Is there a best choice here in my situation?

Another rookie question. Should this thread be located in “Support” and not here?

Try Fast (4 Cores), see if it helps.

Thank you. Can I make the change while the process is currently ongoing?

OK its at Fast (4 Cores). I’ll see how much it scans in the next hour.

Fast (4 Cores) does not seem to help much if at all. After 5 more hours it’s 1237 Tracks Imported and 8074 Files Scanned (of 53,000 files). Can someone please tell me if this is a normal speed? At this rate it will take 5 days for the Roon Rock on the NUC to scan my music? Is there something else to look at?

Let’s drop a flag for @support and see if they can help.

Andy, How do I do that?

Andrew did that for you already with the @ support (- the space)

You can change the number of cores used on the fly as far as I am aware. But if you have any doubts you can shutdown / stop the server in the web GUI and start it up again and it will pick up where it left off analysing the tracks.

Out of interest what model NUC are you using? as this will also have some impact if your NUC is a lesser spec unit.

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Thank you wizard, glad to know that!
I was able to change the Core setting to Fast (4 Cores) on the fly. The problem is I did that several hours ago and it did not make much difference in the slow progress of the scan.

My NUC is the Intel NUC7i7BNH with 8GB memory.

54K files is not huge but its not small either. I use the same NUC / ROCK combo with 130K tracks and a Synology NAS and it does take some time to run through the first time analyse. Hang in there and it will get it done.

I am assuming your LAN connections / switch etc are all Gigabit ready. But you could perhaps detail what your network is built on equipment / cabling wise if you like.

Remember while all this is going on you can play music etc as it will do all this in the background. If you do get some significant lag you can drop back to throttled or 2-3 cores while you are listening and just bump it back up when you go out or to bed :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you wizard. My home network is Cat6 wire going to several Cat6 jacks then to 3 Dlink gigabit switches and then to Cat7 patch cables to anything having to do with audio including the NUC. I’m just surprised the music files could go from the usb hard drive, across the same network and populate the NAS for the first time in about 1/10 the time it takes for the NUC to do it’s Roon scan.

I did not know I could play music on Roon while all this is going on so I’m grateful to learn that! I thought it was probably possible for the files already scanned but did not realize the scan is in the background so all files are available for playing. That’s a good thing!

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I’m stuck. The scanning has stopped. The storage status is “Connected Watching for new files in real time” but when I try to play something. nothing plays and the instruction is “storage could be offline…go to storage settings” and that takes me full circle to telling me that my NAS storage path is “Connected”

@ support please

What is the cat6 jack you refer to?

It’s just the wall jack.

Oh, ok.
Can you try connecting the core and the nas on the same switch, if only temporarily?