ROCK slower than Windows on same hardware

Similar symptoms…mine also loses the audio zone occasionally. I don’t recall this happening on Win10.

When I set my first Rock machine up I did some measurements of processing speed while doing volume levelling and up-sampling to 172 or 192 KHz. When I switch the NUC5i3 from windows to Rock it was slower. I have since upgraded from a NUC 5i3 to a NUC6i3 and now a NUC7i5 and there has been no change in speed in fact I think it is slower now. It was doing 17 to 20 times on a core i3 and now its doing 14 times with a core i5

Sounds like Ron simply performs better on Windows that Linux due to the issues mentioned in this thread - even with somewhat smaller libraries.

Would one see a speed increase on the 7i5 NUC if it had a PCIe m.2 drive installed vs the SATA 3?

If you are referring to my post it does have an NVMe M2 drive in it

Not your post. Just a general question about whether the faster m.2 drive would have any appreciable speed impact for the user

Any thoughts? Will going with the NVMe drive give me any appreciable speed increase? Or at this point am I chasing little bitty things that just don’t matter?

A tiny bit… if cost doesn’t matter, do it. If it does, don’t bother.


Thanks, Danny. So glad I upgraded to lifetime. You guys are the best.

I also made a move from Win10 on an older DELL with i5 8GBRAM and Samsung 860EVO to a new NUC7I3 with M2 and 4GBRAM per Roon recommended hardware.

It is slower…and worse, connection latency with iOS is not stable, searching for the server.
I feel greedy and stupid I did that.
The HW would have bought me a lifetime license :frowning:

You sure the recommendation wasn’t 8GB ram?

It is 4 for the smaller collection configuration (which I chose)…

How large is your music library?

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The older i5 is likely more capable than the i3, at the expense of more electricity consumption. Try ROCK on the i5 hardware to compare.

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I also converted to Rock using the i3 with 4Gb and found it was slow in the beginning (coming from a very fast i7 Win10 laptop).
Now, several months later, I don’t even think about it anymore. It’s just fine and I forget there is actually a little NUC in the basement.
Runs forever without a blink and I’m very much used to the speed and anything else.
Fantastic little server!


Thank you all for your answers :slight_smile:
It is not a large collection, of 10K albums.
I am giving it a chance, but in truth, I see no benefits over the former installation on my desktop.
The service in and of itself is something different altogether, I love it.
My frustration comes from the fact I could have invested in the license instead of the gear.

I recently moved my core from a Windows i7 7700K / SAMSUNG 960 EVO NVME / 16GB @ 2666mhz machine to a NUC7i5BNH / 8GB @2133mhz with a WD green SATA III drive for the ROCK OS (no small nvme was available at the time of purchase) and a SATA Samsung 760EVO for the media. No complaints at all, I don’t see any performance loss “downgrading” to the NUC hardware and switching OSes. I do have a smaller library with just over 8K tracks.

The only thing I miss is a way to monitor the hardware performance (thermals etc.) for the ROCK.