ROCK, Sonore mRendu and RoPieee

Hi everyone,
Will this configuration work?

NUC(with ROCK) >network switch >router >CAT6 cable >Sonore mRendu (in Roon mode) >USB cable >Raspberry Pi 2 (with RoPieee in USB mode) + Allo Boss DAC


No – the mRendu is for USB DAC connection – not for connecting to an SBC.

Why would you want to? Just plug the CAT6 into the Pi and you’re done. There’s nothing to win by putting a USB connection in between.

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Thanks Rene,
I suspected that much. I just wanted to add the network isolation that the mRendu may provide. I am planning on purchasing an UltraRendu and was looking to repurpose the mRendu I already own for a second system. The second system is currently running as you suggested with a direct cable connection of the RPi to the network.
Thanks again.

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