ROCK + Spotify connect = possible?


as far as I understand the whole concept of ROCK, it’s not possible to install any software next to it. Does that mean it won’t be possible to run Spotify connect on the same NUC?

Right now, I’m running Roon core on a mac mini along with a Spotify install on the same machine. So it’s easy to switch between the two. For me it would be a bit of a downgrade if the NUC running ROCK just does that and nothing more…


AFAIK everything you say is correct.

ROCK won’t be for everyone, just a subset. It does one thing and hopefully before too long there will be assessments of how good it is at this.


We’re working on a mechanism for running other software on the box. I wouldn’t consider that avenue closed off.

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oh cool, thanks for the info!

That is interesting. Not of any interest to me but it does seem the scope for ROCK is ever changing.

Can you tell us if it is Linux based software that will be able to run besides ROCK? HQ Player would be a nice thing :slight_smile:

[quote=“Henry_McLeod, post:5, topic:22940”]
…but it does seem the scope for ROCK is ever changing.
[/quote]…so is its release date I am afraid (and hopefully wrong).

The idea is to create an isolated environment where packages can run (in a safe way, without interfering with Roon) and let people do what they want with it. Among other goals, we need a consistent runtime environment for Roon Extensions generated by 3rd parties using the Roon API to live.

There has never been a release date AFIK so how could it change?

You are right. Bad choice of words on my part. To rephrase:

“…but it does seem the scope for ROCK is ever changing.”
…so any prospective release date I am afraid (and hopefully wrong).

If one have followed ROCK’s threads is not difficult to infer that features, functionalities and compatibilities have, over time, been added to it, so is ease to assume (I know…) that its release has been postponed more than once.

Indeed Roon have admitted as much! But very few if any people are sitting Roon-less while they wait impatiently for ROCK, and if it arrives fully formed and stable then after an initial spike, support should become a lot easier both in terms of uniformity of hardware and proposed fixes. I imagine it will simply be restart, reload or patch.

Of course Spotify could always be integrated into Roon, as Tidal is. :sunglasses:

Which would be appropriate if the rumours of Spotify going lossless are true. Not sure whether that would cut across the letter or spirit of the agreement with Tidal though (that’s not meant to be fishing for information)

Sounds like a microservices architecture with containers?

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Any new insights on this, now that ROCk is up and running?


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Spotify(lossless) and Roon on on a NUC with a DAC and digital amp controlled by a touch screen with a headphone out, speaker out, and a volume control knob in one compact unit for my desktop is my dream set up.