Rock stopped working 25/5/21

Core Machine
Rock on an Intel NUC 8i3BEH

Network Details
BT Home hub connected by Ethernet

Audio Devices
USB connection to Aurlalid Altair

Library Size


Description of Issue
Rock won’t boot up and I receive this message. It has worked perfectly for well over a year

That address is what happens when a device cannot get an address from the DHCP server. Did your router go poof? Try rebooting a bunch of stuff (router, switch, wifi, modem, etc.) then reboot Roon Core and see if it gets a proper address.

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Thanks I

Router working fine, have rebooted modem and ROCK - but same message

Ken, @ipeverywhere gave you the answer. The IP address of your Rock is not in the same IP range as the rest of your system. Until you get everything back on the same network you will not be able to resolve your problem. Do you know hw to check the IP address of the various devices in your system? In my system everything is on a network with the address that begins: 192.168.1.XXX. You need to resolve this before you will be able to listen to music via Roon.

It’s possible the ethernet port failed either on switch or NuC or cable. Time to swap ports and cables around.

Thanks Guys

I can now access the UI - the same ip address as before

Confused though - it wasn’t working and then it was - then it wasn’t - now it is again

I like your idea Ip - are the cables the possible problem?

Possible, always. Shouldn’t be but I’ve had cables fail. You’d think if you never touch it it’d be fine forever but it happens… things fail.

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The 169.254.X.X address space is link-local. It may work, but it may have issues.
This explains it a bit more. You may wish to set up your network in RFC 1918 address space.

Hi @Ken_Talbot

@ipeverywhere is spot on here — Something is causing the Nucleus to not be able to get an IP address from the router, so you’re seeing this problem.

Definitely try different cables / ports and if you see any issues after doing so please let us know!