ROCK stopped working


Under listening to some music suddely all went silent. I tested my remotes, windows, Android and iOS, and I couldnt start anything, nothing played. By then I had the intefaces up. I looked on my network and the Ubiquiti UniFi interface said the ROCK was online but on 10 mb network mode (idle). I started to reboot the remotes, it didnt help, then rebooted the NUC/ROCK, but then it didnt show up on the network anymore. Plugged in a screen and after restart it says No Operating System. I think I clicked Yes to install updates on all on one of my remotes just before things went south. It seems to have crashed the lot. Any advice on how to proceed?


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Thanks Geoff

Might be a better idea to start a new thread as it will give you all the info to fill in like systems details etc

First, if you have any USB drives plugged in, or the internal storage drive on your NUC, unplug them and try booting again.

If that doesn’t help, try reseating the M.2 SSD/NVMe boot drive

The BIOS is saying that there is no OS on the disk it thinks it is booting from. That means either:

  1. it’s booting from the wrong drive
  2. the drive went bad

Thanks Danny, that worked smashing. I removed the USB stick that is taking backups. How do I change the boot order in NUC BIOS? Right now it says the USB is before (above) the M.2. I dont seem to be able to move them with arrows, I can just go to one of them and press enter, but what will that do?

Edit. Forgot about the mouse. Bot when changing the boot order it said Missing OS again. Should I have the UEFI Boot on or off?

Edit 2: Unmarking UEFI Boot after changing boot order made it boot on the M.2 after moving that to first boot device.

plus/minus keys

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