Rock Support for M3U Playlists

At the end of my tether.
I upgraded my ROCK server to accommodate a larger database (120,000) after many years of using Roon and ROCK with the same USB external drive for media.

Now I find that I am unable to import my M3U playlists (which I maintain in JRMC) and that the previous playlists are no longer recognised by Roon. I have tried variations of the path structure that worked previously and have reached my limit. Please tell me how to specify the M3U path for this simple case! If it matters: within the Music drive the folders are organised by Genre\Album Artist\Album.
Thank you!!!

Did you activate the option for importing M3U & Other Playlist Files?

Thank you, Daniel.
Those settings were correct put I have played around with path definition and found the one that works. That had changed somewhere along the way but trial-and-error gets to the right results in the end.
For anyone else in a similar situation:
If your Playlists folder is at the root level of the Music drive, then the M3U path to the other music directories in the same USB drive is: …/.