Rock to NAS via Thunderbolt?

Just set up my NUC and Rock yesterday. Music on a QNAP NAS.

my NUC and NAS have thunderbolt ports.

Currently music library shared over network.

wondering if it is possible to connect NAS and NUC via thunderbolt or USB cable?

thank you

I don’t believe ROCK supports Thunderbolt ports, related to drivers.

How bout ruc to nas via usb?

No problem, that is what I use, not usb c though.

thx for the tip

You think it a better way to go than using network connection?

both my NAS and RUC plugged into my router currently

Just keep using the network connection. That’s what a NAS is for.

Yes, there‘s a clue in the name :rofl:

You would be better using a network switch for your devices rather than using your router as a switch.
Regarding using a nas I agree use an Ethernet connection, when I read your reply I saw rock to disk via usb rather than thunderbolt, tired eyes… sorry for any confusion.

Thx for the tip.

Have never heard of it

Easy to setup?

Have a feeling u have always been the funniest guy in the room

Any recommendations as to kind to buy?


I use this TP Link switch there is no setup simply plug your devices into the switch and then connect the switch to one of the Router Ethernet ports NOT the WAN port, all connections are with lan cable and it doesn’t matter which ports you use on the switch.

so unmanaged?

Appreciate your help.

After getting Roon a whole universe I had no idea existed opened up

Yes unmanaged, it keeps things simple managed is not required in most domestic installations.

Very nice
Much appreciated

You are welcome.

Have been doing some research this morning.

Is there an advantage to using this beyond just giving you more ports?

All info im reading just hi lights it’s use if you need more ethernet ports

Agghhh Thomas haven’t you learned about that sort of question yet :wink:
Some will say it just gives you more ports so you don’t need it as you are using your router.
Others will say that the air in the leading edge of the instruments will be more defined if you replace all of your network with special molybdenum coated equipment.
(You are fine leave it as it is)

Thanks again