ROCK Update/DB Restore Issue [Resolved update to ROCK 1.5 before restoring DB]

Got Roon Rock running on a new i7 NUC. For some reason, the install image is still Roon 1.4.

When I try to restore my database to the NUC, it says it can’t find it. I see that others had the same issue and the solution is to update to version 1.5. However, the Rock instructions say to restore my database BEFORE logging in for the first time. I don’t see any way to update to 1.5 without logging in.

[BTW, spent HOURS trying to restore from different media assuming it was a problem with the disk. I strongly suggest making this issue clearer in the instructions.]

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You can continue logging in and following the onboarding process, without adding any music. Update ROCK and Roon Server the usual way and restore from backup afterwards.


Thank RBM. I thought that was the case, but did not want to mess up the install.

Worked perfectly. Thank you for the fast reply.

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