ROCK USB Connection Issues? [Investigating - Ticket in]

Hi all!

Yesterday ROON said that there is an update an after that, I went from 3.000 albums to zero :frowning:

Are there any ideas? Hope, I will find help.

And: No Update made before :frowning:

Christoph (from germany – sorry for my poor english)

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From your screen shot it looks like your codecs (ffmpeg) is missing?
Take a look in the “codecs” directory on the ROCK (using your file explorer of choice) and see if ffmeg is still there. You may need to re-load the file if it somehow got deleted or corrupted.

If you click on the blue button with the “?” in it next to “Missing Codecs” it should bring you you a web page with instructions on how to fix the issue.

@Christoph_Eichenseer - your local music files are stored on a USB drive attached to your NUC, yes?

This sounds a litte bit difficult to a computer fool like me.
My be ist is the easyest way, to install ROCK from zerro?

Yes - music files are stored on a USB drive attached to your NUC

No need to start form zero, even if you install from zero you will still need to load the codecs manually due to licensing issues.

OK - I’m seeing a number of reports that following the upgrade of Roon OS to build 254, that the USB connection appears to be broken. I’ll alert @support about this. It needs to be investigated.

Hi Geoff,
do you think it is a hardware or software problem?

It may be a combination of both hardware and software - something in build 254 of Roon OS that is affecting some users.

What model of NUC do you have?

I updated to build 254 yesterday.
Went smooth.
Attached USB music drive is still visible.
ROCK is on a NUC 8i5 here

Yeah - this issue is certainly not hitting everyone - there have only been a few reports so far; which means that it may be tricky to track down and resolve…

I think, my NUC ist a 8 or 9 i3 - cant look at the hardware, because I switched it ta a fanless case

Have a look hear: Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03] - #376 by Christoph_Eichenseer

Hi @Christoph_Eichenseer. Everyone,

I have put in a ticket to have this looked at. I too have had the issue with my Nucleus and have provided my own experience alongside our thread here as examples.



We upgraded the NTFS driver to something far more stable, and less prone to corruption. Unfortunately, this driver is far pickier about drives that have been improperly ejected.

The solution, if your drive is NTFS, is to plug it back into a Windows machine, run chkdsk /f on it, and then eject it properly and put it onto the ROCK machine.

We are looking into a safe solution that will avoid this chkdsk /f.



Thank you for your comments all.

The CHDSK-part did the trick. Since there is already (a lot of) data on the harddrive, formatting it to ExFat will be a good suggestion for the future.


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