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G-Drive 3TB USB

Description Of Issue

Permission to copy files to the USB drive via Mac OS finder, Big Sur, 11.0.1

Roon is working perfectly, and I’m able to play back music stored on the attached drive, but I can no longer copy new files to the drive (I receive an error message stating i do not have permission.

I’ve checked folder permissions, and all seems correct; have also rebooted the Core. I can view the drive/files, just can’t add any.

The drive in question is probably formatted in MAC journaling HFS+ format which can be READ but not WRITTEN to by Linux. You can reformat the drive in exFAT instead (don’t forget to backup all the files to another drive).

Personally, I would just get a new drive, reformat it correctly, and then copy the music files over. That way you have a backup of your files on a drive you know works.

Except from ROCK Storage Basics:

We recommend USB drives connected to ROCK be formatted exFAT if you require compatibility

how can i tell how its formatted?

You’d have to plug that drive back into a MAC. After that, (hold on let me google since I’m a Windows guy)…

This seems to answer your question:

thanks- it appears to be formatted as HFS+. also, i’m not trying to write to it from Linux (Rock) but from my mac.

Exactly, but, it is attached to a Linux host, so, it is really the Linux OS that is trying to write to the drive.

but HFS+ shouldn’t be a problem.

What do you mean? The drive is attached to a Linux based PC, Linux cannot write to HFS+, the origin OS of the file that is being copied from is not relevant.

apogies, i’m unfamiliar with Linux. I assumed Mac OS Extended was a problem, but HFS+ was ok.

No problemo! :smiley:

apparently, Linux can read from HFS+ tho, which is confusing.

I’ve experienced similar issues between Mac and PC. PCs can’t read or write to HFS+ drives. Mac’s can read NTFS drives, but not natively write to them.

Yep, although exFat should work across em all

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