Rock, USB drives, ejecting and all that

When adding new music to Rock, I usually connect with SMB from my MacBook Pro and copy it from here to there. I decided to try something different: I had the music on a flash drive already (formatted Ex-FAT), so I thought I’d use one of the open USB ports on my ROCK NUC to save copy time–plug it in directly to the NUC but control the operation via SMB.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. When I try to copy the files–“error code -36” (Sorry, I don’t remember the text of the message. I can try it again if necessary.) SMB permissions? How do I fix?

To test, I removed the Flash drive, (I assume it doesn’t need to be “ejected”? No obvious way to do this by SMB), plugged it into my laptop, copied it onto the laptop’s SSD, then copied one file via SMB to the storage disc on ROCK. [[Important correction: Actually, that didn’t work either. It just appeared to be working because it took so long (several minutes) for the error message to appear. This I think is a consequence of the poor quality of my wireless connection).

So, bottom line: I can copy these files onto my laptop, but I cannot copy them by SMB, whether it’s from a USB drive local to the ROCK or from my laptop.

I have alternatives–I can run a wire, I can grab the (external SSD from the ROCK, plug it into my laptop, and do it that way. (This, too, raises that question about ejecting USB drives.) The point, though is this should work, right? Is this something I can fix?

@support? Update: I ran a wire from my laptop to the ROCK, and was easily able to copy the files from my laptop to the ROCK. (Am I using SMB? I assume so. I just clicked on ROCK in OS X Finder, found the correct folder, and copied.) But 1. cannot copy them wirelessly, and 2. I cannot attach the flash drive to a USB port on the ROCK NUC and copy to the ROCK’s external drive, controlling with SMB via the laptop. Attempting to do those things gives me the error message I mentioned before. The error text is, “The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “Trilogy” can’t be read or written.”

Hi @Jim_Austin ----- Thank you for the report and my sincere apologies for the wait here.

I did a bit of searching around for the error code you mentioned in your initial post (“error code -36”) and came across the following on OSX Daily: How to Fox Error Code 36 in Mac OSX Finder. Could you please give the proposed fix a go and confirm if things function as expected afterwards.