ROCK v18 Build 931 doesn’t connect to remotes

NUC with loads of spare power connected to ethernet and external drive
iPad and IPhone as remotes

V18 Build 931: the moment I updated to this, I lost connection with the ROCK. I can see the ROCK but the remotes do not connect. I left them searching for 5-10m max. Never had issues in the past.

Attempts at solution
Everything on and off many times
Redownloaded remote software
Reinstalled ROCK OS v1 (227)
Rebooted server software
Rebooted home router + tried via ethernet connection of iPad remote
Searched by typing in the IP address of the ROCK when Roon initiates and gives me the option for HELP

Any advice? Since this started immediately upon update to latest Roon software I am assuming it is the culprit.

Thank you.

Can you access the ROCK Core’s Web Administration page via a web browser using its IP address or rock.local ?

Yes that is where I restarted and reinstalled. Looks fine no errors or issues.

And the Core and your remotes are all on Build 931 and the same network?

Same network yes. How do I check build on the remotes? I just accepted the update of the software but the remotes dont go on since they arent connected to the ROCK.

I also downloaded a brand new Roon on my iphone and it has the same problem.

I noticed the following weird thing: if i refresh the Admin page online, it shows the OS running time refreshed. But when I look at the Server software, it refreshes until around 15-20 seconds (when I constantly refresh) and eventually shows NOT RUNNING and then after a few refreshes starts running again.
Some weird intermittency.

OK, then the issue lies within the ROCK/NUC Roon database most probably.

Try the steps listed for ROCK in this article:

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Thank you so much. Seems to be working, i am in process of restoring the backup but at least now when i refresh i see that it continues to work.
Thank you again for the quick help, very kind indeed. M.