ROCK very slow/non-functional at times

Hi, I am having issues with both Tidal and locally stored files getting started. Pages also tend to load very, very slowly. I am rebooting frequently now since this (sometimes) seems to temporarily help. When clicking play on a song or album for example, it can take 5-10 minutes for the song to start, if it ever does. This has been going on for a couple of months or so but has been getting worse lately. Once started multiple songs might play, and might not as the start of the next song sometimes never happens.

I followed the instructions elsewhere explaining how to delete the Tidal Cache folder but this did not help.

I am using Google wifi modem/mesh network and my ROCK is on a NUC connected by ethernet with wifi disabled and my endpoints are mostly connected via ethernet as well and consist of:

3 microrendus
multiple Apple TVs
Chromecast (both audio and TV/video versions)
Sonos One

Network gear also includes several new D-Link unmanaged switches.

Playing to any of the above devices causes the same behavior.

NUC is a NUC7i5BNH with 128GB NVME drive and 16 GB RAM. Local files are on a spinning drive attached directly to the NUC.

Internet is FIOS with 150/150. Since these issues occur equally when playing either Tidal or local files it does not seem dependent on either of these use cases.

Tidal account is HiFi and in the US.
All devices are running latest firmware/OS versions, including ROCK, iOS devices used as controllers, and endpoints such as microrendus.

I have tried:

  1. clearing Tidal cache
  2. changing background analysis settings, or turning it off
  3. changing cache for artwork
  4. turning on/off DSP
  5. rebooting everything multiple times
  6. logging out of Tidal and back in

One more note: I noticed lately that the “spinning circle” thingy is pretty much constantly running, either in the upper right or more often next to the album title while it seems to be doing analysis or fetching data. It never really seems to stop spinning.

What thoughts have you guys on fixing this?



I would start with simplification.
Pare everything back to just the server so unmount all of the end points except one for control.
Logout from tidal and if possible use a different disk, say a USB pen drive, with a few files on it.
The idea being to reduce back to the basics then see if that works then go from there.
See if you can play from the server using the control iOS device as an end point. If that does/doesn’t work it is easier to diagnose then many different potential areas. @support can look easier then.

Thanks. Good thought to simplify a bit to see what happens. Forgot to add the @support . Roon team, thanks, please see earlier post. Will try the suggestion to pare back things tonight and see what happens but look forward to hearing other ideas on this.

It sounds like you have a massive set up with ‘several’ switches so look to see what you can do there.
These sort of problems ALMOST all come down to one of…
Network problem - switch, wireless.
Disk problem
Hardware problem.

Have you tried pointing your network router at Google DNS yet?

Have not checked but as it’s a google home router it probably already is. Will check tonight, though.

Hello @Christopher_Boehm,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. I would go ahead and simplify things a bit as @ged_hickman1 mentioned, start off with connecting your Core and one endpoint directly to the router via Ethernet, verify how the experience is like and then add complexity (one unmanaged switch, then another, ect) until stuff starts breaking again.

I would also go ahead with the DNS change to Google DNS if it is not already set up, and that should improve TIDAL behavior a bit. If the same issue still occurs with a simplified setup, please note the exact local time in your country (ex. 2:37PM) that you notice the issue occur again and I can enable diagnostics mode for your account and see if Roon is displaying any errors “under the hood” at that timestamp.


I changed my Google router to point to Google’s DNS servers now and rebooted. Amazing that they don’t ship it that way. This does not seemed to have resolved my issues 100% but it’s far, far better than it was. Seems usable so far after the reboot, albeit with occasional slowness. Thanks so much for the suggestion on the DNS servers. I will monitor this over the next few days and provide an update after that. Thanks again to both of you.

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I think I have resolved these issues now. In addition to changing my DNS to Google’s, which helped, I realized that at some point in fiddling with my settings I had actually enabled WiFi on ROCK to see if that might actually help. Of course it did not…and disabling it again, combined with the Google DNS, resolved the issues.

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