ROCK vs Roonserver (Win 10) performance

I recently bought a NUC8i3BEH used but the guy didn’t have it for long.

Include 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD M2, 500GB hard drive ans Windows 10 Pro preinstall.

For my core I was using my Netgear ReadyNAS Pro with upgrade CPU (Core 2 E7600) and 4GB of RAM. It was running fine but I have to access the NAS in Linux and using command line to setup.

I have a NAD C658 which decode and renderer but I use Roon Decoder for the first unfold of the MQA.
I don’t use DSP and only use Volume leveling and that’s the reason I use Roon decoder for the first unfold to keep the MQA signaling for the NAD DAC full unfold of the MQA.

For an MQA file at 352.8 khz the processing speed performance in the signal path is:

NAS around 28x
NUC with Roonserver (Win 10) around 37x to 40x
NUC with ROCK : 12x

My NAS as an old CPU and it’s pretty good performance.
The NUC CPU is more powerfull than the NAS CPU but the performance is not much more.
With ROCK on the NUC give me the lowest performance

ROCK is optimize for ROON but it’s slower than my NAS (Linux) and slower than NUC using Roonserver on Windows 10.

I was expecting to get more performance than this with the NUC compared to my NAS and i’m
surprise that NUC with ROCK give the worst performance here.

Maybe I miss something here.