ROCK: what is the point of the web ui?

I could not find any information on the ROCK web interface in the knowledge base, so here are a few quesrions:

  • what will be the mechanism for updating the OS? Will a reinstall be required? Otherwise what is the purpose of the reinstall button?
  • what is the purpose and effect of the reset database button?


My understanding of RoCK is that it will self-update.

In normal use, you will not need to visit the web interface at all. ROCK auto-updates through Roon in the same way Roon Remote and Roonserver are updated: you’ll get a notification when an update is ready and you can update in the regular way with any Roon Remote.

Thank you. I still think a few words in the knowledge base would be useful.

Agreed, and all Roon documentation is a work in progress.