ROCK with Auralic Aries G1 - USB storage

I have been using ROCK with a USB Drive attached for storage. My library is about 110,000 files and continues to grow. I recently acquired an Aries G1. I want to continue to use the ROCK as core (primarily to stream to other endpoints in my house) with the Aries as the endpoint on my primary audio system.

My question is related to where to attach the USB Drive. I currently have it attached to the Aries and it works fine, but I am wondering if there is any advantage (sound quality or otherwise) to attaching the drive to the ROCK. Not sure if it matters, but I am alternating between Lightning and ROON for an interface. I perceive a very slight difference in sound, but ROON is more versatile.

why not a NAS instead? it would be accessile by both Roon and Lightning DS independently

It is accessible by Roon and Lightening independently with the drive directly attached to the Aries (through Ethernet). I have thought about a NAS, primarily to make backing up my files easier. Are there other advantages to a NAS in this situation?

I’ll leave to others confirm or object (more likely :stuck_out_tongue: ) my belief that ethernet is “cleaner” and the less USB stuff you have connected to your streamer… the better

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I think if you do it that way and assuming the G1 is the end point when using roon. Files will be going from the G1 to roon core then back to G1 for play.

Good point! Not sure why that didn’t occur to me. I think the NAS solution is sounding better.