Rock with Headphone amp

I will be setting up an I7 Nuc on my network with ROCK,replacing my current Mac Mini setup.
The mini is currently connected to a Benchmark Dac Headphone Amp.
I’m assuming all my previous end points will continue to work once I do the new install:PS Direct stream with network card, Auralic Aries ,Sonos and Bluesound.
I want a separate end point where I m just using my headphones as I do now with the Benchmark connected to the Mac Mini mostly streaming Tidal.
If I connect the I7 Nuc to my network what components will I need to connect
to the Nuc to listen with headphones…?Will the Benchmark work? It’s quite old.

run roon bridge on the mini and you will be fine to see/add the benchmark and use it as before with the Roon Core on the NUC

you might want to uninstall the core from the mini and before that backup your database and restore to the NUC setup.

i wanted to install ROCK on the Nuc

see here


If I want to repurpose the mini , will Benchmark still act as an endpoint or will I need to buy something new?

you could try with a Raspberry Pi 3B endpoint or other similar options or uRendu is an options too…unless you plug the benchmark direct to the NUC

Is your headphone setup going to be close to your ROCK machine? If it is just use USB between the ROCK machine and the Benchmark. It should be OK.

My Nuc and headphone amp will be right next to each other. However, this particular dac/amp is not on the Moon Ready list. If ROCK works the same as my current Mac Mini setup, then it will work. I am unsure if this is the case. From what I have readROCK works differently than Roon Core installed on a MAC. I am planning on taking the Mac Mini apart and reusing the SSD’s already installed .
Here is the config of the Nuc I have on order:

Order #5678 (April 18, 2018)

Product SimplyNuc
5i7RYF Fanless
Memory (RAM) ($35.00):
8GB Sys Mem (Two Matched 4GB DIMMs) (911-23sd-0o1)
Primary SSD Storage ($20.00):
128GB mSATA High Performance SSD (911-2m3d-0o1)
Wireless Radio ($45.00):
“Gigabit” Wireless (802.11ac+Bluetooth 4.0)
Operating System:
No OS (Not recommended) (-001)
Keyboard / Mouse Combos ($49.00):
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (Black)
Video Expansion ($49.00):
Display Controller - Single Monitor - DVI, HDMI, or VGA

Your DAC handbook will tell you if it works with Linux. If it says it does it is pretty much 99% guaranteed to work with ROCK and even if it doesn’t that may have been sorted since. Try it. If it doesn’t work come back and we’ll come up with a solution. But my guess is it will work. Also look at the “What DAC are you using with Roon” thread. If your DAC is in there PM the owner and ask.

Thanks so much to all who responded. I am awaiting the arrival of my new NUC and will let all know how it turns out. However, thanks so much for your input.

I’ve gotten the SimplyNuc setup. The NUC is connected to a Benchmark Dac.It works.
ROCK recognizes all my devices except one: Auralic Aries.
The Aries is connect to my ethernet and it works fine with DS lightning. The Aries is connected to a Dynaudio wireless Connect which transmits signal to Dynaudio Focus XD200 active speakers.Again works fine with DS lightning, but does not appear in ROON as an available device. I am mystified.
Other devices on the network that work are 2 Sonos 5, 2 Sonos one, Bluesound Pulse and mini Pulse. I have yet to try my PS Perfect Wave with bridge card.
The Aries and Dynaudio worked before Imade the switch and came up as “MyAries” under devices.

All is well. I needed to just change IP address and I had forgot to enable Aries during setup. My Nuc is working and running rather cool.