ROCK with i170 or i270 chipset?

I have a very high-end i170-based server/player which is currently built on Windows 10. With the recent publicity around the worm that hit so many computers last week and Microsoft’s need to keep their OS patched regularly, I am considering a change to ROCK but wondered whether this would be compatible. I see lots of talk around NUC so am guessing that ROCK should work. Anyone got any experience here?

You might be better served with a Linux install on non NUC hardware

Easy way to tests would be swap out the hard drive after backing up your database then copy the backup to a USB and after installing reimport the database…or start fresh again

Same question was thrown here:

The worm would only have had an impact on computers which were running OS’s older than Windows 7 or if you had your updates switched off. The patches for the worm were rolled out in March. All that the publicity told me was those companies or organisations which did not have an effective IT budget and policies. If you want peace of mind just keep your PC updated and make backups.

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give it a shot and report back… it’s not a support platform but it may work.

To eat my own words…I just got an MSI H110i Pro AC mobo with 16GB DDR Ram and i5-6500 zCPU along with a 120GB SATA SSD and plonked Rock on it - no BIOS updates out of the box - working like a charm. I was going to burn an old Win7 Pro 64bit lic on the drive but thought I would try the ROCK build - I just hate windows.

Currently importing 150,000 tracks into it and doing 4 Core audio analysis. Seems to be humming along without to much standard Intel fan noise either, certainly no more noise than the NUC7i7BNH for now…but probably a tad slower with the i5 verses i7

OK so this is interesting. Windows 10 is rather good at replay and better than any other Linux I’ve tried but I am very intrigued in what roonLabs have done with ROCK. I have a separate boot strap partition on my SSD. Do you know if it is possible to put the build in there or does the ROCK installation format/erase the complete SSD?

It will wipe the entire drive.