Rock with NUC8v7PNK and USB 2.0

Hi there,
I want to assemble a small NUC with Roon (passive with Akasa housing). I have a Cyrus One Cast streamer / amplifier / DAC to which the NUC should be connected via USB 2.0.

USB 2.0 because the sound quality should be better here than with 3.0. Can someone confirm that or does it make no difference?

As a NUC I want a NUC 8 Pro Kit NUC8v7PNK because a USB 2.0 slot is available here.

Has anyone experienced this board? It is from roon not approved

For the best sound you should use a network attached streamer to the Cyrus not the nuc. A raspberry pi for example.

I wanted to use a usb plug because the cyrus has an asynchronous usb plug and i was of the opinion that the sound is good.

Can you give me some more info about such streamers as the Rasberry? What other parts and software do I need, for example?

I ve a NAS with full with my music (Flac, Wav Files) , that shut be the Source for the NUC.

How about signal path? Nuc (LAN) -> Rasberry (via Chinch) -> Cyrus?

Does anyone have experience with the NUC 8 Pro Kit NUC8v7PNK as a platform

I looked at a picture of the connectors available on the Cyrus. It appears you could connect the NUC to your LAN by ethernet and then connect the Cyrus to the LAN using ethernet with either an optical TOSLINK or cable converter. I have an ethernet -> cable converter running into a Cambridge Audio CXN that works well.

The advantage of that method of connection is that the NUC is then available to multiple Roon endpoints as well as the Cyrus, plus you can easily import files to your Roon library using a computer to the NUC.

Thank you, what converter did you use?

I actually have 2 of these. I have an ethernet -> cable converter for the CXN and an ethernet -> optical on my TV for sound out of the TV to a surround sound amplifier (not in Roon, of course). Here’s the ethernet -> optical converter.

Thank you, what cable did you usw for the connection between the converter and the Cambridge?

Something like this

Sorry but i dont know anything about this converters.

Whether or not one can hear a difference using an endpoint or having a direct connect, I would say set it up with what you have now and then worry about adding in an endpoint if you want.

I have and do run Roon both ways and really do not hear a difference. So, I suggest just start by setting up a NUC with Rock, setting it up with the Cyrus and enjoy the music for a month or so.

Then, if you want, setup an endpoint. Doing both immediately puts strain on potentially troubleshooting the setup. Is it not working because the NUC is messed up? or is it because something in the network chain is wrong?

If you connect to one DAC using the USB port on the NUC/ROCK, you can also connect the ROCK to Ethernet and thus to any other endpoints on your home network. It isn’t an either-or choice.

I likewise cannot hear a difference connecting directly to the NUC USB versus connecting via a Raspberry Pi.

Correct me if I am wrong, but read somewhere that the input of your streamer you use is USB 2 and that the nuc USB 3 outputs automatically recognize this and will switch back to USB 2

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I don’t think it makes a difference if you use USB 2.0 or 3.0. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible and will work just fine. My NUC8i7BEH has USB 3.1 and works with my USB 2.0 DACs without any issues or difference in SQ.

I would not spend the money for a NUC when a RPi4 running RoPieee or RoPieeeXL will work perfectly.

Yes - just a standard optical cable for the link from the converter to the Cyrus.

Ok thank you for our comments. At first i would like to connect the cyrus with a normal usb cable and later i test iz with a converter.

The reason why i ask for a differents between usb 2 and usb 3 ist the article on this website

On the same Website they sell a little NUC with the name Prime Mini 5. Here is article from the preview of this NUC.

Here they say that they use a NUC Pro Board with usb 2. I can only find the NUC8v7PNK what is a “PRO” Version of the NUC and it have also USB2.

Did anybody use this board?

I have install roon now on a Intel NUC8v5pnh and i work perfectly in the system. I have no problems by the installation. The system is not on the roon nuc list, but it works.

Roon cant find my Cyrus one cast by USB. Its only roon ready with wifi.

I know that i can usw a DAC or an rasberry (Hifi Berry). I habe two technics SB G 90 Speaker . Does it make sense to invest in an expensive DAC vor is the hifiberry good enough?