Roger Waters - Pros and Cons detected as two works

On Roger Waters - The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking it has grouped some tracks together in work 4 and work 5. Probably because the tracknames start with a timecode:

No. Title Length

  1. “4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)” 3:12
  2. “4:33 AM (Running Shoes)” 4:08

How to ‘unwork’ an album?

I’m curious about this too. Is this possible for us to edit, or does Roon need to correct the metadata?

Cheers, Greg

The easy way is to edit the metadata and change the : to a .

I’m going to revive this thread since I believe it’s still a problem.

I’ve tried editing the track names on my hard drive, even getting rid of colons, periods, and just using 430 as the time. No luck, it still shows as a Work.

I believe it’s a metadata issue or Roon issue with the “dot” between the 4 (or 5) and the rest of the time. Roon is somehow reading it as a Work.

@joel, could you take a look at this one?

Cheers, Greg

I’ve asked before about being able to ‘unWork’ an album. If there’s any news of how to do this I’d be delighted.

This is still a problem. Has anyone found a work-around?

You mean like this -

@joel - one for you to ponder !

Exactly. I’ve edited the tags in my FLAC files, and then edited each track in Roon to select the title containing the colon, and then rescan the file/album, and I can’t get away from the display in this capture.

Just spotted this one. I could kill some artists! I’ll log a ticket for myself to see what can be done.

I can imagine, but please leave mr. Waters alone. We need him alive.

This is now fixed in the Roon Metadata Service, but note that it could take up to a week for your library metadata to update.

My album has already updated. Awesome work. Thanks.

Cheers, Greg

I thought from the title of the thread that splitting Pros and Cons seemed eminently sensible.


I just ripped the CD, the problem persists (at least for me)

Hey @Roberto_Kneipp,

This fix still appears sound in our database. Could you please take a look at your tagging on this disc and see it there’s any inconsistency in the Title syntax across the track selections?

This How-to from our help center has some tips for merging incomplete album after import. Please take a look and give this a try.