Roll back to 1.7

Roon Support: I would like to roll back to version 1.7. I have a copy of my Roon database taken before I updated to 1.8. I also have a copy of a Roon 1.7 install package. But I need you support in order to get the Roon Remote apps for IOS (ipad mini and iphone versions). You have my email address which is the same as my Apple account username. I believe that’s all you need in order to make it available for me to access through the Apple App Store.

Your support would be appreciated.


Companies can only publish one single version on the App Store. So it would be impossible for them to make both the 1.7 and a 1.8 version available.

You are incorrect. Developers can make previous versions available to all users or to a specific list of users.

Hi @RoonUser

There are a few historical posts on here from Roon @admin but basically they all refer to this statement…

However, I have moved you topic over to the #support section of forum for Roon to directly comment.

Hi @RoonUser

Downgrading is not supported, but we’d be happy to help resolve any issues you might have on Roon 1.8! Just let us know what’s going on in a post in #support and we’ll help get things resolved for you.

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