Rollback to 1.5 on my S6

I do not know why this happened but my Samsung S6 phone upgrated to 1.6 and now it will not connect to my server because my server is still 1.5 which is what I want it to be on.

I have downloaded copies of Roon 1.5 for the server and my PC in the event one of them crashes.

How do I return my S6 back to 1.5?


You can’t; only the latest version is available from the Play Store.

Well this sucks.

Roon has been on this phone for a few years now and it was only updated when I decided to move up to a newer version in conjunction with my server and my other endpoints.

Now I have crippled system because I do not wish to move to 1.6 at this time.


If by chance you’ve ever sideloaded the apk (instead of installing from the play store) you may still have that last apk file somewhere in your backups and could use it again. Just a faint idea.

Good idea.

I will check and see if by chance I have that file.

Maybe need to start some type of download site for previous versions of this software.


Just curious, what is the reason you don’t want to update to 1.6?

I am perfectly happy with 1.5. I have absolutely no issues with it. I like the interface and I do not like change.

I once upgraded Roon and it went south. There was all kinds of different issues with the upgrade and the only way for me to fix it was to revert back to the previous which is not that easy.


Hi @MikeD,

Downgrading is not supported. We strongly encourage you to always update to the latest version of Roon in order to get the latest bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.

It worked. Found it on the web. Did my research on this site and I believe it to be legit.
I downloaded the APK version to my S6 phone and now I am back up and running.

Thanks for the APK tip!.


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