Romulus by Aesthetix Bridge needed


I am planning to switch from Sooloos to Roon. I am currently using the Romulus cd/dac as my DAC for the sooloos and will plan to use this same dac for Roon. I will use the NUC I3. I called the maker of the DAC and they do not have any personal experience with bridge interfaces. Is anyone out there using the Romulus with Roon? If so, what bridge are you using?


Dear Derek

I come to this forum by the same theme.
So did finally changed your system on the nucleus?
How are your experiences? I have a system with Ayre qb-9 dsd and am going to change on a Romulus signature!
I found no lots of informations about this. So i‘m Pretty curious for your input.

Audiophile greets


so sorry Soren
I have been away from this site for lastc3 years
I assume that your issue solved.