rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial

Million thanks for the rooDial 1.2.0 package! :relaxed:

I don’t know what I’ve did, but now I am having rooDial 1.2.1 running and behaving as expected, especially after sharing to @DrCWO the feedback regarding the rotation inertia.

It was something related to my Pi installation. I tend to believe that if you don’t wait enough during the installation (the grab-a-coffee and wait routine) you get into troubles. Probably this is what I was doing.

Let’s not forget that the setup is at its beginning of journey and I am expecting to see it improving over the time.

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automatically connecting rooDial to the zone you currently selected is impossible. You can use Roon on your PC with one zone and with your iPad with an other zone. Where should I know from where to connect to? Also roon did not give me information abou the selected zone.
Regarding that “full blast” issue. I got info about that before. Please try to remove batteries from the Dial, reinsert them and try again.

Interesting use Case, I’l put it on my list :slight_smile:

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@DrCWO, I certainly understand that “automatic” switching could never work. But, the above use case example would resolve my question as well if I could “triple tap” to switch from “endpoint 1”, the stereo endpoint, to “endpoint 2”, a MCH one (instead of from speakers to headphones, as in the example). Glad the concept is now on your list! Thanks. JCR

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Well I think it might be done like this:

  • Change name of “Zone” to “Selected Zone”
  • Offer an additional zone selector called “Alternative Zone”
  • Offer an additional press action calles “Swap Zones”

Might work like this:
Performing the associated press action, the content of “Selected Zone” and “Alternative Zone” will be exchanged so the Dial is - after the press action - connected to the zone selected in the “Alternative Zone” setting before. The same mechanism will work backwards.

Is this what you are thinking of?


Indeed so, @DrCWO — that would work very well for both my use case and apparently that of the community member above who wants to swap from speakers to headphones. In my main system, I actually use three DACs — but two are swapped out within HQPlayer, so there is no zone change in Roon when I toggle between those particular DACs. So for me, a single alternative zone choice would work well. I suppose you could make it user adjustable as to how many alternative zones to add for the rotation.

Last night was my first real use of the dial for late night listening on our sunporch audio system. It was really nice to be able to adjust the volume of differing tracks without having to open my eyes to read my iPhone! Cheers. JCR

PS I saw a reference a few posts above to a v1.30 of RooDial. Your download page has the v1.21 image. Is that the current one? And one operational question: I note that a fast double click skips tracks to the next one. Is there a function for going backwards to the prior track? Thanks.

v1.3.0 is still to come. Was a mistake in my processing to load it up for some time :grin:
You can customize your long press action for backward so soubleclick forward, long press backwand.

One thing I would appreciate very much too. thumbs-up


Can’t say enough great things about this setup! IMO, the lack of tactile input for Roon was a major missing piece. Now I don’t have to fiddle with the ridiculously fiddly onscreen volume when I’m cooking. Vielen Dank.

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rooUPnP is out with a test license FREE OF CHARGE :+1: :+1:

rooUPnP: Finally a Roon Extension for UPnP Streamers - Roon Labs Community


installed 1.3.0 on a new pi zero and it’s working well as expected. perfect timing because I had just got the pi today.

I like the new formatting for the rotation sensitivity, the numbers make a little more sense to me.

Thanks for your time DrCWO!

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Hi I have flashed a new card with 1.3.0

i did relinquish my licence.

I am on Roon 1.8.

I cannot now see the extension in Roon.

I can see the device on the network and connect to it.

It worked perfectly before.

Have i missed something ?



When you are connected it MUST be visible in the Roon Extension settings.
Please check if you still the the rooExtend WiFi accesspoint.
If yes you are not connected to your WiFi…

@DrCWO About to set up rooExtend this weekend. Just to clarify: if you plugin an ethernet cable in the unit before starting it up, the whole section in the manual about the wifi becomes irrelevant?

I can see the PiZero on the network
I can connect to its web page via TCP/IP
I can’t see it in Extensions on Roon

OK, you are connected, great!

  • Please disconnect the Pi from Power.
  • Reboot Roon
  • Power up The Pi
  • Check if it is still connected in your network
  • Open Roon and it should be visible in the Extendions settings


Can now see in Extensions

Really enjoying the functionality.

thank you again

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Roon server must be up and running BEFORE you start rooDial :+1:

This is exactly the way it is!

@DrCWO, I am having problems with v1.30. On my porch, the Surface Dial is working fine with the upgrade. In my den, the Surface Dial worked with the prior version, but now with v1.30, it will no longer connect — it flashes on and on — I’ve rebooted the pi0w and removed the batteries and rebooted the Surface Dial, both multiple times. All looks right in Roon — the den Pi0w shows up as unpaired, licensed.

So do I need to reflash the mSD card for my den pi0w or do you have any other thoughts? Thanks. JCR

Update: I did go reflash the mSD card and now the Surface Dial paired!

Remaining question: I don’t see any difference when selected 100, 68, 34, etc for volume sensitivity. Info from 100 to zero in a quarter turn on both Surface Dials. I’m assuming the smaller number should solve this, but what am I doing wrong? Thanks. JCR

Further update. The volume sensitivity switching is working. I guess the setup just needed some time to season itself. Everything back working well!

Hope you’ll consider the ability to switch between two DAC endpoints in a future release. Thanks. JCR