RooExtend- magical!

I had fantasized about doing basic Roon control on my Apple Watch. Discovered recently that it had been built! I had a spare raspberry pie so loaded RooExtend on it and like magic the app on my Apple Watch has more versatile controls than even I imagined. Then I heard about the same solution working for Microsoft surface dial. Got that today, took about five minutes to set up, and it’s a delightful knob that lets me adjust volume or skip songs in a single motion. Simply a wonderful set of solutions! A little pricey but hey I’m worth it.


Alternative solution: If you’re on a jb device, there is the possibility of running Legizmo (for Apple Watch compatibility), which support “now playing” mode - this will allow you to control the Roon app (changing tracks, volume, etc.) without RaspberryPi or additional software. Will also work if you’re streaming from Roon via VPN :wink: