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Your TV has the same display problem as my TV. Is yours also a UHD screen with 3840 × 2160 px?

I was going to pretend that they were huge bezels :grimacing:
But that is how it looks out of the box, it’s a LG 55" 4K OLED, though this is the first time I have plugged a Pi into it. My guess is that it either doesn’t have a preset for the resolution or it’s an aspect ratio problem.
I can live with it, I normally use a Nvidia Shield for pretty much everything on this TV but that is not great as Roon has never updated the Chromecast to work properly even though there is a long thread on that

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I “updated” my piZeroW to a Pi4 and activated RoonBridge. I ordered a ZEXMTE USB Bluetooth 5.2 Audio Adapter. It works and I can connect to my Bathys and my Sennheiser TW2. Works fine.
But, when I put the adapter in the USB port of the Raspi, RooExtend and all extensions (RooWatch, RooDial, RooPlay) disappear in Roon, I can’t connect to RooWatch etc… If I take the adapter from the Raspi, the Extensions appear again and work fine again.
I can repeat this many times: as soon as I put the BT adapter in the port, RooExtend disappears, if I take it out, RooExtend appears again.

Any idea ?
Thank you

This was an issue that ist fixed with v3.0.3. If you are on release v3.0.2 please wait for the next night. It will be updated automatically between 2 and 4AM.

3.0.3 ist already running

Uuh, this is strange. The issue was with all DACs that have no ADC. Did you have the chance to connect another DAC and see if it works?
I will order this BT Audio stick and debug that. It is definitely a bug.

Edit: Bought this stick :grin: will debug next week as I traveling now.
Best DrCWO

nevertheless I will try another DAC later and let you know

I can recommend the Creative BT-W4 for around 50€. Works with rooExtend and directly on the core (or any other device/software i use it with).

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ok, I tested two DACs, the FiiO BTR5 and my AK SR25 in DAC mode. Both work fine and the RooExtend stays working.
So only the BT- stick makes problems.
I just discovered, that it seems to be a new version of the stick. I ordered the BT5.2 version, but on the wrapping is a notice, that it is BT5.3 compatible. So seems to be a newer version.
No idea, if this could cause the problem.

last week the BT W4 seemed not to be available here in Germany. The Creative homepage told me, its not available. Now I see, it is available again. Too late :smile:
I will wait, if there will be a solution with the ZEXMTE. If the bug could be solved, it seems to be good for me.

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I used the zexmte and returned it because it was not stable for me. The BT-W4 is really very stable and good soundquality with BT 5.2.

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not good :face_with_monocle: seems I have to place a new order :rofl:

I ordered directly at Creative, it was within about 3 days here in germany.

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OK, ordered :innocent:

set the LG to PC format input - worth a try for proper 3840x2160


Thanks for that tip but I have had to unplug the HDMI at the moment after complaints for the wife about the tv turning on on the wrong channel and it saying Roon on it :grin:
I need to review the setup and maybe plug it into my av amp and not the TV directly

Then I I will see if it is possible to try your recommendation thanks :+1:


This may be standard trouble shooting. But my extension keeps getting paired and unpaired with the core. It’s running on a Pi Zero W 2 that is a couple feet away from a Unifi AP that is generally rock solid.

When I look in settings / extensions you see the RooExtend appear, disappear, and repeat every few minutes. Logs indicate that it’s associating and disassociating with the core every few minutes too. When it’s active I can use my 6d, when it’s not obviously I can’t.

Thanks for any assistance!

Here’s part of the logs if any help… it just keeps continuing in this pattern over and over:

[edited to delete logs per @DrCWO request]

Well, FWIW I got into the local interface, shut down the RooExtend, and then powered off and powered on the Pi Zero. I realized that I had plugged in an HDMI cable, so I disconnected that. I’ve restarted, and thusfar for 10 minutes it’s been stable. Will report back.

I’ve seen similar behaviour where mine was constantly rebooting due to the PSU not being up to the job.

FWIW, logs suggest that my Pi Zero 2 W has been stable since last night; guessing that merely having the display plugged in via HDMI was so resource consumptive that it was causing constant reboots. Overnight reboot send you have happened normally, otherwise it’s been just sitting and humming along and 6d connects perfectly in the AM. Will let everyone know if it recurs.

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Please @All,
Never post logs into the thread :pray:t2:
This consumes a lot of useless space and ist not useful for anybody but me.
So PLEASE always send Logs to for debugging.

Thanks DrCWO

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