Room Arc network refresh

Roon Core Machine

Dell optiplex 7040, Intel Core i5-6500 Processor Quad Core 3.2GHz, 16gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Normally: Ubiquiti UniFi setup, core via Ethernet and endpoints via Ethernet & WiFi

At time of issue: Virgin Media Superhub 3 in default mode. Core and main endpoints directly connected via ethernet. Other devices and APs via an unmanaged POE switch.

Connected Audio Devices

iPhone => Dragonfly Cobalt => Sonos Fives in stereo
ATV => TV => Topping D30 DAC => Cyrus Pre Amp & Cyrus power amps/Speakers - none currently choosing next purchase

Number of Tracks in Library

Stream from Tidal

Description of Issue

Due to building work and I think a fault with the Virgin Media Superhub 3 I had to revert back to using my ISP supplied one box wonder and reset it to default modem/router/switch mode. It works but isn’t great. I have disabled its internal WiFi and use my UniFi APs instead. This ISP wonder doesn’t want to work in modem mode. Waiting for Virgin Media to get back to me on this as the modem section on the PCB is the same regardless of the mode you’re in.

My IP range is all the same and port forwarding setup for Room Arc.

After finishing sorting my network out I opened Room Remote and and verified Room Arc was working under settings. I did not however open the Arc app.

Left work this morning and opened the Arc app to find;

Says my Core hasn’t been seen for 2 days and I also get poor network coverage. I’m on 5g and signal bars suggest good enough reception.

My question and maybe need for help is, Do you have to open the Arc app on your network after alterations to refresh it’s parameters?

Thanks in advance

Well it will depend if you can be sure you have port forwarding open on the virgin box. Your description is a little confusing but it sounds like you have a Unifi router usually but modem only mode on the virgin is not working so you have put the virgin back to hub mode.

So did you then go into the hub and set up port forwarding?

because you will have changed routing its very likely parameters on your network will have changed, including the network IP of your core, have you taken this into account?

My superhub 3 used to not change had to reboot it to get it to work sometimes. If you rebooted the hub at any point it may have updated the ip address of your home connection. They are not fixed on virgin but dhcp and can change. So maybe best reset arc and resestablish connection. Changing your router will also change internal routing so it’s likely got its knickers in a twist.

Cheers for your reply.

It’s annoying when it changes your public IP on reboots. Being aware of that I rebooted my UniFi system.

The issue with my SH is that modem mode isn’t now recognised by my UniFi UDR. Was before but then randomly went down the other night.

In normal mode my UDR gets an IP via DHCP.

My reason for the post isn’t directly related to the SH issue, but to do with my Roon Remote app saying Arc port forwarding is ok. Roon works ok at home.

Do we need to open the Arc app after any alterations to a network for the Arc app to have parameters refreshed inside the app?

I didn’t open the app after my alterations.

Ref the SH issue, I’ll work on that tonight. Resetting it 2 times last night didn’t resolve the issue. But this is separate to my support post.

ISP => Virgin SH3 (modem mode) => Ubiquiti UDR => Roon Core, endpoints etc all via ethernet

The SH randomly stopped working in modem mode the other night.

I’ve reset it several times to factory settings and tried enabling modem mode again and again. It says it is in modem mode with the magenta light.

Temporarily I have taken the UDR out and reverted to normal mode on the SH. Port forwarding is set up in the SH, hence the Roon Remote app telling me it’s all good to go.

I just didn’t open the Arc app after doing this and asking if this is a requirement after network alterations.

Seems a little odd of needed as in my case the IP range set on the SH for my LAN is the same as from my UDR. The core has a fixed IP.

I’ll open the Arc app tonight to see. If it then works, my question will be answered. If not I’m wondering if my SH is faulty.

OK, but is your core a fixed IP if its not then it almost certainly will have received a different IP from the diferent router.

i.e does your port forward equate to the new IP, or were you using memory for the old IP?

IN principle as long as you are logged into the ARK app, it should be able to find the core. I know this is true because I am turning on the forward port on my UDM when out and about rather than have it running all the time.

I also have a ‘superhub 3’ and have already raised a problem during testing that if I happen to reboot the SH3, then I need to manually restart the core afterwards before ARC will work again - this is because the port forwarding stops working (verified by checking the ARC settings in Roon).

I can’t answer your question regarding needing to ARC app itself, but I suspect that as soon as the SH is rebooted connectivity is lost, so even if you open the app at this point it probably won’t connect

I’m now at home and can see my mistake. I allowed by default UPnP to set the port forwarding rule and didn’t think to check it was still present after I disabled UPnP.

Now manually set in the SH.

I’m a idiot for not checking.

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