Room correction for 7.1 analog connected Dacs

I’m looking for information on how to implement Room Correction, preferably Dirac Live, when playing Roon through dacs using the 7.1 analog inputs on my receiver.

My Denon X8500H has Audyssey XT32 room correction built in and does a decent job with all inputs except for the 7.1 analog inputs.

So Roon to OPPO with 7.1 out to receiver bypasses the Room Correction. Would have the same issue with exasound MC dacs that I’m considering.

If Roon or the exasound Dac had Dirac Live built in my issue would be solved. But until then I’m curious how it could be done.

You can run DL on the same PC as Roon Core and pipe the 7.1 digital through it to your Oppo (or exaSound).

Should have mentioned I run Roon on a NUC/ROCK server. Not sure, but I don’t think I want to go back and install windows on the NUC so I can run Roon and DL.

So, why are you bothering with the AVR multichannel analog input? If you can make a multichannel HDMI connection from NUC to Oppo, you can do the same from NUC to AVR.


That is true, and I have connected NUC HDMI to the receiver to do the decoding and to use the room correction. But if I want the OPPO to do the MC decoding with its high end Dac’s then its HDMI in and 7.1 analog out. Neither one of those connections work with native DSD.

The exasound S88 Dac I’m considering has the 7.1 analog outputs for MC, does not have HDMI in or out. As I understand it the Roon Ready S88 will get multi-channel over Ethernet but will only output the MC with the 7.1 analog connections.

Ethernet or USB but you would be taking a step backwards in sound quality by piping it into the AVR instead of sending it directly to your amps.

Nor will DiracLive.

Depends on the particular one but it is unlikely that most NUCs will be capable of supporting multichannel DSP and/or DiracLive.

The 7.1 analog inputs on the Denon X8500H is the only option I have for connecting the 7.1 output from the OPPO or S88.

I don’t have separate amp components.

It is my understanding that each of the 7.1 inputs on the AVR bypasses the internal sound processing and sends the analog signal straight through to one of the 13 individual built in amps. Except for the sub channel.

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