Room Correction Integration - Convolution & Co

As room correction get‘s more important and demanded over time it‘s important to know the current status and next steps.
@brian Would be great if you could provide an update.
@hifi_swlon Any progress / feedback from Dirac team about seamless integration option?

We generally don’t talk about partner integrations until they are done or imminent. That’s going to remain the situation here.

Convolution has been supported for a long time, for people who use external correction software.

Is there something else you were looking for an update on?

Sorry no, I gave up on this a long time ago. Kind of lost interest in it, and have been too busy to listen to much music let alone tweak the system or follow much that’s going on…

Too busy to listen to music!?. I am sorry. That is my antidote for busy. Hope things slow down for you soon.

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Convolution support is unfortunately not enough for those of us using Waves NX, GoodHertz Canopener, DMG Audio EQuick and other plugins using virtual studio technology.
I’d love to see support for it, but I can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Until then, I’m out.

@brian Sorry for not being more specific. The thing is that many experienced that the path to room correction can be quite tricky. So I know you are working on a very “user friendly approach” using for example a smartphone and roon internal software to provide a first approach to optimize room correction.
That is definitely an important step - and getting an idea of timeline or any further details you could provide would be very helpful.
The other area is for people who are experiencing the benefits and would love to dig deeper into that topic and further optimize their listing experience. Could you outline if you think there is another scenario coming up in addition to using a convolution filter?

We are not planning to build DSP for Room Correction in-house–at this time, all plans we have in this area relate to integrating with DSP partners that have expertise in this specific area. We are exploring a few possibilities, but nothing is in a state where I can share details at the moment.

If/when this happens, we’ll seek to do a comprehensive, bespoke integration that has a great user experience. Otherwise, what’s the point? The external software that’s available to produce convolution filters works and sounds great–the problem is the experience, not the SQ. So experience is what we would be primarily seeking to improve.


That‘s absolutely the point! I know so many people that know the importance of room acoustics / room correction but somehow got lost on their way of achieving an appropriate improvement (as many here say too, the software / technology is there, but it‘s so tricky and complicated).
The community keeps their fingers crossed for you making a great contribution to this.