Room 'hiccups' during playback

Using a Synology DX 3612 NAS connected over ethernet to my Wadia 322 DAC and a Mac Mini running Roon. When I play back tracks tend to hiccup at intermittent intervals. What I mean is the track plays then will stop and then a brief moment later start playing again. Tracks do not repeat the behaviour each time they are played. Should I be looking at a network issue as new to Roon?

Hey @IAN_Bourne – can you check your Synology settings in DSM and confirm what version of SMB you’re running? We recommend SMB3, which you can confirm in DSM under Control Panel > File Services > Windows File Service > Advance Settings.

If that doesn’t help at all, can you give me a little more information about your network, as described here? Thanks!

Now have Apple involved as they think it is an issue with the brand new Mac Mini USB ports but are unsure how the device got passed QC! I have done some capture tests today and forwarded the file to Apple Senior Technical. I will advise back as they progress things. They have given me a new MacBook Air too that appears to be working fine so all things point to a dodgy Apple Mini although, at the moment Apple cannot say exactly why it is misbehaving in this odd way. They are looking at RAM, SSD or CPU as the cause of the issue. FYI I also tried using JRiver Media Centre 21 and with that program the music stops totally and needs intervention to begin playing again.