Room streams fine on 1Gbps LAN, stops dead on AC wireless at 600Gbps

Roon Core running in core i72600K, Win10PRO 64 w/32GB RAM on 1Gbps LAN to wireless AC router to Laptop endpoint/remote with AC network card also running WIN10 Pro64. If I connect a LAN cable to Laptop( Reaktek NIC), streaming works fine. Wireless queues up a track, starts track at 0:00, then just hangs… Any ideas? Normally my wireless is very fast, router in same room as laptop…any particular config tweaks needed- MTU, WMM, send/receive buffers, etc? Same problem with 2.4 or ,5.2 GHz bands…

It sounds like there is no route from the core to the laptop when the the laptop is on the AC network. Does the AC network have its own subnet?

I think routing is OK, since I can remote console, file transfer, etc. in both directions. Maybe because I have jumbo packets on LAN interfaces on core/router/WAP wired segments, and default( 1500) MTU on wireless? I will try testing with LAN side reconfigured with 1500 MTU) to see. I seem to recall seeing an article somewhere where large MTU affected streaming or maybe my router (ASUS RT-AC68U) doesn’t play well. Wireless card on laptop us (gulp) Intel AC7260, I think…

Hi @Michael_Moy – would you mind resetting your router and the various PCs to default network settings and see if things improve here?

I can absolutely look into this further, but we often find that’s the fastest way to troubleshoot these kinds of networking issues, as the problem usually becomes clear as each piece of complexity is added back in.

Two other semi-obvious points: the Core > Remote streaming architecture has been completely rewritten for our upcoming 1.2 release, so look for this functionality to get even more robust in the near future.

I’ll also mention that after getting a new router about 6 months ago, I was having some issues with Meridian streaming that no one else was having. A firmware update on my router resolved the issue completely, so it’s worth making sure you’re running the latest if you haven’t already.

Let me know how it goes @Michael_Moy and we’ll get this resolved for you. Thanks!

No need for more research on your part till I try a few things when I am back in town Friday. I will reset MTU on LAN segments to default MTU (1500) first, and turn off Jumbo Packet option, then test. Thanks for heads-up on new version…

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Fixed problem by disabling “Jumbo Packet” on LAN interface on my headless Roon Server (core i7 2600K, 24GB RAM, SSD, WIN10 Pro64), and on Router, WAP and NAS (music store). MTU had been set to 4K jumbo packets, which was fine for file transfers, but obviously not for streaming. Reset to default MTU of 1500 on all interfaces.

Now streams fine on 2.4 and 5.2 Ghz AC networks… Thanks for suggestions!