Room treatment, bass control

Hi, I am starting to look at doing some room treatment to hopefully get my bass control a little bit under control and improve some reflections. I am currently in the process of making some absorbers for the first reflection points so all that remains is to get a bit of a strategy regarding the bass. as a living room its a bit of a compromise bit maybe a few of you more knowledgable guys can offer a bit of advice.

  1. Left Speaker: I can either do a Soffit column or a SuperChunk triangle, if I go square the sides would be 300mm x 300mm absolute max. speaker position makes more that this tight. I can do a triangle 620 x 620 max. can however only do a height of just above the speaker ca 1300 max.

  2. Right Speaker: here it is a bit more difficult, there is a window recess in the corner, I never use it however and the curtain in front of it is always closed. I can go full height of the recess here. I could either do a flat panel and fill the complete recess which would be 570 w X 234 h X 220 thick or a bit thinner with a 5 cm or so air gap behind it, or a triangle 570 w X 220 so not equilateral.

  3. I have one more position in a corner behind the MLP where I could either do a square column or triangle, I can either do from top of record storage to ceiling or full height as the record storage is two shelf units pushed into the corner so has a gap in the corner behind it. if I went square I could do about 270 x 270 and triangle again about 270 x 270

any comments or advice would be great other ideas are always welcome



I used some three foot tall by twelve inch each side triangular pillars in the corners behind my speakers. They were huge speakers so hid the foam pillars. Worked well and took the boom out.
I then discovered Townsend speaker platforms. These enabled me to get rid of the pillars and improved the whole bass end immensely. They are expensive so if you go down this road I would borrow some first as your mileage may vary. It goes against all I was told about spikes etc but there you go, in my room with my system and my ears…

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