Roon 1.0 (Build 29) Released!

Hi folks,

A new version of Roon has been released! With some major audio functionality added over the last month, this is largely a maintenance release as we focus on stability and bug fixes.

The main thing everyone should be aware of is that with a number of fixes implemented both in Roon’s database architecture and in our extraction of file tags, everyone will have to sit through a few minutes of maintenance this week immediately after updating.

Once the app starts up, it’s going to re-extract tags from your files. The re-extraction will take place in the background, so you can continue using the app. It fixes some inappropriate album splitting that resulted from past Mac/NAS issues, and also enables us to improve track performer behavior. Other than that, it should have no effect on your music library.

While we try to make sure that maintenance events like this are an uncommon occurrence, especially in the long haul, Roon is still a young product, and these kinds of growing pains will probably happen a couple of more times as we expand our metadata and tag handling capabilities over the coming months. We will try to keep it to a minimum, but we would hate to hold back features and improvements over this kind of thing, and we really appreciate your patience.

The biggest functional change this week is that Roon will remember your browser position when you quit. Whether you’re running the Core software or remote, when you open Roon, your position and navigation history will be intact.

You can also expect to see track performer credits handled more sensibly now. Roon will no longer neglect to show track performers entirely in cases where track performers are present in your file tags.

Some audio fixes have been checked in for remote zones playing DSD content via ASIO, and we’ve added a small amount of silence padding during transitions between DSD and PCM content, to reduce audible artifacts at those transition points. We have also reduced the CPU usage of our sample rate converters by about 50%. The behavior/algorithms themselves and the bits coming out of them are not changed–this was purely a code optimization.

Importing fixes have been checked in for a subset of monaural ALAC files that had previously failed to import. Also fixed this week were some stability issues with remotes, a bug related to pausing while playing via ASIO, issues with TIDAL playlist syncing, issues with fonts, and a bug that prevented the “Recently Added” section of the Overscreen from updating in real time.

The team is hard at work on iOS remote and a slew of new editing/metadata handling features, so expect more bug fixes and new functionality over the coming weeks.

That’ll do it for this week folks! Let us know how you do with Build 29 all!