Roon 1.0 (build 3) is Released!

It’s been a exciting (and busy!) week over here at Roon. We’d like to thank everyone who took the leap with us and trialled or bought the software. It’s hard to believe that we released just six days ago!

We’ve gotten tons of great feedback and some bug reports, too. This build is meant to address some of the most critical issues with the initial release, and also includes a few minor improvements based on community feedback.

You can update to the newest release immediately by navigating to the “About” screen within the app. Otherwise, the app should prompt you within 24 hours.

Changes for this release

  • Roon refuses to watch AFP mounted NAS/network drives now. Read more about that here.
  • Fixes for lots of crashes
  • Private zones should have improved stability, especially with 4x content
  • Private zones are now actually private! A bug in the initial release made them controllable remotely by accident.
  • Fixes to M4A demuxer that prevented some ALAC files from working
  • Added “re-identify” to the album browser and “re-analyze” to the track browser. Look for these in the “Edit” menu.
  • Spurious authorization screens should not show up anymore on mac
  • Meridian volumes are bumped by 5 units instead of 10 for large adjustments
  • Album browser can sort by album title now
  • The signal description popup can be dismissed without dismissing the whole signal path
  • Page specific network errors can be dismissed now (like on tidal or overview), and network errors are less intrusive in some situations.
  • Clicking on a label on the work details page shows you a focused album browsers, instead of playing that label

What’s Coming Next

While this release is going out today, we’ve already been working hard on the next one. Some of the stuff that’s already in the pipeline for that build is:

  • Support for Integer Mode for Mac and Event-Driven mode on Windows.
  • Support for fixed volume configurations
  • Support for sample rate limiting on outputs (1x, 2x, 4x)
  • An option to make Roon play a configurable amount of silence after switching sample rates to give hardware some time to catch up.
  • Improvements to the way Roon probes for sample rate + bit depth compatibility, that will hopefully resolve some “My DAC is playing at the wrong rate” problems.
  • Logging improvements that will make it easier to debug future device-specific audio issues.
  • Stability improvements for AirPlay streaming
  • The ability to hide (and un-hide) albums and tracks from your collection without deleting them.

We’ve got some more editing functionality being worked on now, too–at this moment in time, it’s too soon to say whether it’s going to make the boat or not for the next release, but rest assured, it’s in the works.


Excellent news. Somewhat disappointed not to see any more metadata or artwork editing functionality here, but I guess that the more basic running of the software needs to be addressed first. Looking forward to seeing these things soon in a future release. Good work on getting an update out after only 6 days! :smiley:

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Great work, guys. Updating was quick & flawless.

And thank you for the Meridian 10 > 5 adjustment. Much appreciated!

Where is the link? Can’t do to through the software because it crashes too quickly.

It’s on our main downloads page.

Any idea when ‘Settings/About/Change Log’ is likely to work?

(Blank on my Windows install)

Never :slight_smile:

We’re going to post release notes elsewhere instead. That in-app changelog needs to be removed or replaced with a link or something.

Crashed as soon as I started playing something in my library.

@Zoren Did you reboot your pc after the update?


Tried that. Seems to play Tidal just fine, crashes when loading from my library.

I was pleased that you addressed this issue so quickly, but it keeps crashing for me, even with 1.0 Build 3, even before my library is fully scanned (it gets about two-thirds of the way through). What should I do? Send you more logs? Really really keen to see this working! Thanks, Andrew

Are you scanning the Library Folder on a Mac or Windows machine??

Is the Library folder on a local drive, a USB Drive or a NAS??

@Zoren, @Andrew_Hollo, please, check your PM.

Wow, what a nice upgrade experience. It prompted me whether I wanted to update ‘all’ on my remote install and… it updated both the remote and my core setups. Really nice!

And of course lightning delivery (and one more thumbs up on the meridian +5).

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Ronnie - Scanning folder on a NAS on a Mac. Andrew

Hi Andrew
Try following the instructions I posted in this link which sorted out another member with similar issues connecting to a NAS via Roon

Macs still try to use the flaky AFP Protocol to connect to NAS with Time Machine functionality…and it’s better to use the more robust SMB protocol that Macs use to connect to other Macs

Unmount the NAS using your Finder app…then in Finder, click Go on Menubar…Connect to Server…enter smb:// [IP address for your NAS]

Then back to Roon…and now point at your Music folder on your NAS

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Crashing on launch again. :pensive:

@Zoren I’m going to send you a PM to get some more information from you – sorry for the inconvenience!