Roon 1.1 crashes when looking for album art on network drive

I’ve noticed this since the 1.1 update - when I go to add an album cover manually, as soon as I browse to my network drive Roon crashes and shuts down. Also, the drag and drop album art doesn’t work (I get a circle with a line through it symbol in Roon when I try and do this).

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Thanks @extracampine. Can you describe your system and network drive so the devs can reproduce this ?

Did drag and drop work for you pre 1.1 ? Its’ always been problematic for me.

Can you let us know the exact steps you’re taking here, and also how your network drive is configured?

Sure - Windows 10, i7, 8GB RAM, Asus mobo, Roon on system SSD. Synology NAS device connected via ethernet cable. Synology appears in Windows under “network”. Music folders are added in Roon as a network path, e.g. \DISKSTATION\Synology\Library\Classical - etc.

What happens is that I go to an album, I click on the edit symbol for the album, click “edit fields”, scroll down to “album artwork” then click on “add image”. I then click inside the “drag images here” box and a windows explorer box pops up. When I then navigate to network and go to the network drive Roon crashes.

However, I tried it again just now, and it didn’t crash. So there is maybe another factor at play that I have not yet recognised. I will keep investigating!