Roon 1.1 updated but now no music appears and audio device not shown

Last night I updated to Roon 1.1 and left it alone overnight while I thought it was updating my database. I have Roon installed as core on a Mac Mini with 8GB Ram, Core 2 duo 2.53 Ghz, OS 10.9.5, my iTunes library is on a firewire connected external drive plus I use Tidal. Everything worked fine before. This morning none of my music appears and no audio devices appear. The Mini is connected by its line audio output to a pair of powered desktop speakers. Music plays fine directly from iTunes. Tidal opens OK in Roon but will hot play because I get a message to select an audio device but none appear in preferences so there’s nothing to select. I restarted Roon and I also restarted the mac mini. No changes. Should I “force rescan” my library? But I’m also wondering why no audio devices show? My iTunes library on the external drive is roughly 30,000 songs and 700 GB. It only took around 3 hours to scan when I first set up Roon. I also have Roon pointed to a few high res files in another folder on a different external drive and those also do not show. So basically nothing is working. No, I did NOT back up my previous database because I had not made any special playlists or changed any metadata so I was not worried about it, even if I had to start over. Should I uninstall Roon and if so how do I get rid of all elements of Roon? What am I overlooking? Thanks for any assistance.

If you have nothing special in your set up then a simple re-install would be a good move. Only takes a few minutes to remove the \Roon app folder and go again.

I can try that. When I restart Roon I get a quick message flashing on screen that disappears that says something like “error with database”. But before I just drag Roon app to the trash are there other associated files that should also be trashed before I start over. thanks

One other thing, when I just clicked on History the Roon app crashes immediately. Did this 3 times in a row. So obviously something isn’t right.

Hey @PRE,

If you haven’t uninstalled yet, I’d love to get some more information about what happened here, and see if we can get this straightened out for you.

I’m going to send you a PM and we’ll make sure we get things worked out for you either way. Thanks!

I have not yet uninstalled.

I can send you the huge log that I have from just after I installed 1.1 and the most recent log from when Roon crashed if that helps. Just let me know how to do so.

Similar issue here for me. After the Roon 1.1 update I can only see around half of my music library part way through the letter J. The library is on a Synolgy NAS connected by Ethernet. Roon is running on my iMac 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, OS 10.10.5. Roon has slowed to a crawl in the Adding Music To Library phase. It reports 38400 tracks with 15780 added and 15735 identified. Unlike Peter I initially appeared to have no problems with the upgrade to 1.1 and perhaps foolishly decided to uninstall Roon and carry out a fresh install. The application was installed on an older MBP which displayed a higher number of tracks, 10909 added and 10906 identified stopping at the letter J. I removed some folder thinking the possibly some corrupt files were causing issues. This made no difference. Eventually the MBP crashed. I decided then to carry out the fresh install on the iMac with the results described. The iMac is running hot and a little noisy during this process which I have never heard before. I am going to shut down my NAS and iMac for a period then reboot and see what happens when Roon relaunches.

Just to let anybody else reading my post I have now resolved the issues. Mike kindly messaged me with some thoughts. He agreed that since I had a previous full clone of my hard drive that I try replacing the corrupted database file in my Mac’s library with the one from my clone that had been working previously. To make it work I used a copy of the full cloned Roon library folder, not just the database folder in the master Roon folder. After I put in the previous Roon library folder I opened Roon which had successfully updated to 1.1 and when I did so it immediately started to update my database. After about 45 minutes it completely updated my library including Tidal and everything is now working fine. All audio settings were ok. I reported all of this back to Mike so I’m back running Roon OK. A bit weird that I ended up with a corrupted database with my first update attempt. The moral of the story is to do a FULL backup of not just the Database Folder but the complete ROON folder in the Mac library. I hope you can get back on track as well robtodd.

Glad you’re back up and running @PRE!

This is correct folks. More information here.

@robtodd – I just responded to the other thread. We’ll be in touch soon via PM, and we’ll figure out what’s going. Sorry for the trouble!

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