Roon 1.2 (build 128) unstable — frequent crashes, hangs, and inconsistent Tidal connectivity

Hi there,

Since upgrading to Roon 1.2, the application has been markedly unstable. If left running long enough (e.g., overnight), the application will crash and close. Loading takes 20–30 minutes, both after recovering from a crash and following a normal exit. During listening, especially when using Tidal, it is prone to hanging. The Tidal connection drops frequently and when it does, will not resume unless I exit and reopen Roon. There is no evidence of a bandwidth or connectivity problem on my network. I have also experienced hangs using many of the settings screens, especially those controlling Roon or Tidal sign-in and the audio output settings. These problems were present in my installation of the first build of Roon 1.2 released to the public; unfortunately, the upgrade to build 128 did not improve any of them.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am running Roon 1.2 (build 128, 64 bit) in exclusive mode with a paid and current subscription on a MacBook Pro (13-inch, early 2011) with the 2.3 GHz Core i5 processor, 8 GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM, and an Intel HD Graphics 3000 (512 MB) integrated graphics card. My library (about 4,800 tracks, all PCM) is stored locally on a fusion drive with ample free space, augmented by a paid and current Tidal Hifi subscription. In case it is at all relevant, output is via USB, through an Audioquest Jitterbug to an ARCAM irDAC and onward to Bryston amplification and loudspeakers.

On that machine, with that number of tracks, Roon should fly and start up in seconds, not minutes. Could there be underlying drive problems? What is your internet connection?

Anyway, let’s flag @mike or @vova, as they probably will want to check your log files to help you solve this.

Thanks, RBM. I agree — performance was very good prior to the upgrade.

Since the problems started with the upgrade and there are no other performance issues with drive-intensive operations on this computer (and Disk Utility scans check out), I think the problem lies in my installation of the application.

My Internet connection is via fiberoptic cable with measured performance of 11 ms ping time, 51.42 Mbps download speed, and 5.03 Mbps upload speed.

I must say I agree with OP.

I am finding roon 1.2 unstable ruuning on a Xeon UnRaid.

Not sure if I report in a thread or via support directly.

I too am finding more frequent crashes.

Using Windows 10.

Me too. Quite usable when Tidal is disabled, but crashes all the time with Tidal enabled.

Roon server linux on ubuntu server/Intel nuc

To the other users who have posted: have you experienced any of the other issues that I have? In particular, the slow and inconsistent application-launch behaviour? I wonder whether or not they are related to Tidal.

I would also add to my initial description that when I can get it running, the application really struggles with new content. It took two and a half hours to cope with 24-bit WAVs of the new Radiohead album on Sunday.

@mike and @vova, or others — any advice on how we might go about diagnosing my and the other users’ issues?

Hey @Christopher_Guerreir – sorry for the trouble here. I’m going to follow up via PM so we can get some logs and take a deeper look at this.

@Jonas – we have a new Linux version going live very soon, with a number of fixes in place. Let’s see if things are more stable on the next release and we can take a deeper look here if not. I’m sure we can get this resolved for you, but if things are still unstable with the next release, it would be great if you could start a new thread with details about your setup.

@mannp – more details about your setup would be good, too. And @steveoat87, drop me a PM if you’re seeing consistent issues on Windows 10 and we’ll take a look.

Thanks all!

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Don’t wish to highjack the OP’s thread so have created a new thread below with setup details @mike as requested.