Roon 1.2 (Build 142) issue[Solved]

setup: RoonServer (connected to NAS), Squeezebox Touch endpoint.

I’ve noticed that the Squeezebox Touch goes to the ‘standby screen’, ie the clock.
Playing continues, and even after explicitely putting it to the ‘playing now’ screen it will go in stand by after a few minutes. 100% sure this did not happen with the previous build.

If I can assist in any way to figure this one out … by all means!


Hello @spockfish,

Have you tried to power off/on the Squeezebox endpoint?

Don’t know if this a general issues thread relating to new build 142, if so all my Internet Radio Stations have gone after the update. Worst thing is I don’t have a list or link to all the one’s I set-up so will have to start form scratch again :frowning:

Hello @John_Carrigan,

This shouldn’t happen in case of an automatic update, unless you manually uninstalled the software and installed new version instead.

What is the OS you are using ? Did you update the client manually or automatically ? Do you use Remote clients to manage Roon Core ?

This did the trick. Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know.


Must have been my fault as I renamed my Roon Server folder to 128 build then loaded new 142 build. I did this when I changed from Roon Core to Roon Server for the 1.2 build, so unfortunatley did the same this time.

My fault, not Roon, and next time will update from Roon itself.

Thanks for your help.


Hi John,

Shut down Roon Server, then rename your RoonServer folder to 142, or something, and then rename RoonServer128 to RoonServer and your database will be back.

That should get your stations back.

Cheers, Greg

Hmmm. I might have been to quick with responding that it’s fixed.

It’s back :frowning: So for some reason it seems that the Squeezebox get’s ‘out-of-sync’ with RoonServer, resulting again in a display not showing what’s being played…