Roon 1.2 Feedback Thread

Using HQPlayer with Roon. I’m assuming the audio playback through HQP hasn’t been improved by this update since it’s a different output?

Plex displays a warning message before you do a remote upgrade, just saying you might need desktop access to the server to complete the upgrade. I think that’s a good fix.

Hi Spence,

I didn’t notice any audible difference moving from 1.1 to 1.2 with Roon/HQP.

Thanks. I love using HQP and am looking forward to this update. Will begin playing with it tomorrow since it’s well after midnight here…

Correct, our HQPlayer integration should be the same as before.

I have RoonBridge running on a Raspberry Pi 2 with a HifiBerry Digi+. It’s working great. Very easy to set up, I used a clean Raspbian install from HifiBerry, ran the Roon installer script and it just worked, no configuration or fiddling with ALSA required.

Edit: forgot to add, it sounds fantastic! Gapless playback working perfectly.


Congratulations Roon for 1.2! :triumph: Cant wait to go home and try :smile:
Is there any pre-installation guide? I mean the playlist needs to be backed-up or we can simply go ahead and upgrade to 1.2

Core - MacBook-Air; Remote - Ipad min-4 (64GB); FLACs on NAS (WD)

Backups are always a nice idea before taking a major update to any software. We’re never going to say to anyone “No, don’t do a backup”.:smiley:

As far as taking the update, Roon will prompt you in-app just like any other update.

You guys absolutely rock!!!

Congratulations on a fantastic first year.

Thank you for all your hard work. To the mods as well, who make this forum match the product … awesome!


Thanks Brian. I will back up for sure. I remember reading the procedure to back up … can you/someone share the link here ? Shame one me, getting jittery … searching in wrong places … :confused:

@Jnan_Devi_Roon, See here for backup information.

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Are there any screenshots of the iPhone app… while it’s waiting to be approved?

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Appreciate the Link to back up.

This will be excellent Feature for all Roon Members - “We are working on a cloud syncing solution that will make backing up automatic and invisible, but for now, it’s critical that you periodically back up your Roon database

Will stop this topic here. Main topic is still exciting one to be xplored

Fantastic release. Well done!. Was any work done to the Radio shuffle algorithm ?. It seems that the play scope is still really limited. If not, this would be my absolute highest feature request for things to be improved as soon as possible. At the moment, there isn´t much point in using the feature for me.

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I snapped a few on my Nexus 6P to give you an idea, since my only iOS devices are iPads. As with the tablet apps, the UI is identical on Android and iOS phones.

@brian2 really knocked it out of the park.

Over the past few weeks, it’s become my main controller, and music listening has increased a lot in my home. Nothing beats having a Roon Remote in your pocket at all times.

Main screen

Artist Page

Now Playing

Volume Controls

Album Page

Genre Browser


Very little this time around, I’m afraid. This release series had us focused on other things. We will be turning attention to Radio (among many other metadata/library management issues) soon. I can’t wait to get started.

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Any ETA Apple has quoted for App approval iphone/ipad/MacBook?

Beautiful !

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They don’t give us an ETA. We submit and wait.

We requested an expedited approval…hopefully they listen to us!

Hi Evan,

Although the algorithm may not have been expressly addressed there were some cobwebs blown away in Radio (Swim) for me. On my system Radio (Swim) rarely played anything from my Tidal library. About 1 track in 100. In 1.2 that changed and I am now getting Tidal tracks in rough proportion to Tidal Library/Local Library. That may not have been something that affected you in the first place though.