Roon 1.2 loud cracking and inability to connect through USB [Resolved]

What version of Roon you are running: 1.2
What operating system you are running OSX 10.11.5
Basic information about the device you’re using iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)
Describe where your music is stored: mainly TIDAL

Since changing to Roon 1.2 it’s become almost unusable.

One problem is that frequently there’s no music output from iMac/Audioquest Jitterbug/Audioquest Carbon USB/NAD 3020 amplifier. I’ve found that if I unplug everything and restart I can sometimes get music to start.

Another problem is the loud cracking sound during music playback, mainly with TIDAL, but also with albums stored on my computer.

Hi @Deane_Curtin ----- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the troubles here. In reference to the issues you are experiencing, can you please confirm the following:

  1. If you remove everything from the chain (Audioquest Jitterbug, Audioquest Carbon USB, and NAD 3020 amplifier) and play directly out of the iMac do you experience the same issues?

  2. If you go from the iMac, to the NAD 3020 amp via the audioquest USB directly do you experience the same issues?


Hi Eric,

I found that there were two cores on my account. When I switched to the other all the problems went away. I’ll keep listening just to make sure.

Many thanks for your help! I love Roon.


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Hi Deane (@Deane_Curtin) ---- Thank you for the update! Happy listening!