Roon 1.3 and Schiit Loki

I have a Schiit Loki (DSD only) and was excited to try it with 1.3.
Both of my other systems (Benchmark and Teac) allow me to upsample to DSD. The Loki requires everything be upsampled to DSD but for some reason DSD does not show up in the Loki sample rate conversion pulldown like the other two. The Loki is connected directly to a Mac mini.
1.3 ROCKS!!

There is probably something unusual about how it reports its capabilities. We’re going to try to get our hands on one and see if we can get it working.


Which TEAC do you have? UD-301 or UD-503?

Also, this is the case with my Bryston BDA-3 and OPPO Sonica DAC, both can do DSD native, but Roon 1.3 does not see them as native DSD and have to select DOP.

Also, I have an iFi Nano DSD and that works fine, roon sees it as a native DSD device and I can select DSD.

I am using a RPi 3 with the latest DietPi 1.43 image, both DACs are connected USB. Roon Core on a ReadyNAS_516, Linux RPiAllo 4.4.44-v7+ #2 SMP Wed Jan 25 23:12:28 UTC 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux


Nothing has changed about our support for Native DSD in 1.3.

This is the summary of where things are:

  • For WASAPI (Windows) and CoreAudio (Mac), there is no such thing as Native mode
  • For ASIO (Windows), we support Native mode when the driver tells us it is supported
  • For ALSA (Linux), we support Native mode if your kernel is patched to recognize your device and ALSA 1.0.29+ is available.

Not all devices which support Native mode on Windows support it on Linux, since for Linux support, someone has to make kernel patches for each device, whereas on Windows the manufacturers provide it in their ASIO drivers.

Since you’re using DietPi, it seems like maybe that operating system isn’t including the required ALSA library or kernel patches, or maybe there isn’t a kernel patch available for Linux that supports your hardware yet.

The project that manages kernel patches is here:

You can see if your devices are on the list. If so, maybe bring it up with the DietPi guy. If not, maybe get in touch with them and offer to help test remotely–I think the main barrier to their progress in producing patches is that they don’t have an easy way to access lots of different hardware products.

Understood, thank for reply.

Lastly, thank you for Roon 1.3, awesome audio application!

It’s a AI-301-DA