Roon 1.3 (Build 204) is live!

Hi everyone!

We’ve spent the last week looking into some of the more elusive issues that have cropped up since Roon 1.3 went live, and Build 203 is now rolling out to all platforms with those changes.

This build contains a fix for a tricky hang we identified in our new search index, which was causing some installations to crash or hang during startup.

We also did some performance tuning on MacOS and Linux, which may help with audio dropouts and responsiveness, particularly for people with large libraries or slower machines.

A few other fixes were also completed this week, and they are listed below. Thanks everyone!

Note: a regression related to linked playback in Build 203 has now been fixed in Build 204.

Build 204 has not been released for mobile platforms, which remain on 203 for now pending App Store approval.

The Team at Roon Labs

Roon 1.3 (Build 204) Release Notes

Roon Build 204 is now rolling out for OSX, Windows, Windows (64 Bit), and Linux. Updated versions of Roon for Android and iOS have been submitted to their respective App Stores and will be available upon approval.

Build 66 of Roon Bridge is also live for all platforms.

All platforms and apps should update automatically

Changes and Bug Fixes In Roon Build 204:

  • Multizone playback regression fixed
  • Fixed crashes/hang in search index
  • Fixed “unsupported format” errors when using DSP to play DSD formats on devices that support them without enabling headroom management.
  • Garbage collector tuning on mac and linux
  • Optimizations that reduce GC pressure in RAAT streaming, Sonos Discovery, Meridian Discovery, and Roon/RAAT discovery.
  • Tone controls in Bluesound devices now show up in signal path
  • Fix “Bad File Descriptor” errors on linux
  • Fixed change detection issues related to interpretation of file modification times
  • Fix missing NAD M32 Roon Ready icon
  • Fixed missing multichannel formats on ASIO
  • Fixed negative file sizes in “Skipped Files”
  • Fixed incorrect paths for drag-drop imports (may require re-scan to update existing ones)
  • USB identification for dCS Vivaldi Upsampler Plus