Roon 1.3 Feedback Thread


1.3 on my Salkstream (Linux based) streamer is a mess (remotes not connecting/losing connection to the core). Anytime I try to use it it’s a crapshoot whether or not it’s going to work.

I have updated 2 sonictransporters for mates and both are fine.

There are a number of us running Linux and not experiencing any Linux specific issues at all, including throughout the testing of 1.3. It suggests to me that the problem lies with the Sonictransporter rather than with Roon.

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Then why do the Mininserver and Squeezebox servers work perfectly on the Sonictransporter ?
Also Roon worked just fine on the Sonictransporter prior to the 1.3 update . Never an issue , never .

That’s like asking why my Ferrari scrapes on a road that my LandRover is fine on.

Those others servers do totally different things to what Roon does.

It’s clear you are hitting something broken, and we are trying to fix it (did you try build 200 yet?), but to go ahead and say that this build is half baked is both disingenuous and it hurts our company and support team as a whole. Especially when some of your issues were not caused by Roon (for example, your Aries issue).

If you made a post saying that you were having issues here in this feedback thread (which you did), that’d be fine. But I see you making a ton of noise with end-of-world type comments about 1.3 all over this community site. Having people waving their arms around screaming that the world is ending does nobody any good.

My advice is to:


oh… and try build 200, I think it might fix you up :slight_smile:


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FYI Ubuntu Studio, HqPlayer works perfectly here…I am glad this update was not delayed for Linux users…

There was never any need to delay.

It turns out @Jim_Honsberger’s Mac is showing symptoms of the same issue, so his problem is clearly not Linux specific.

I have always been able to connect to MAc roon core with the remote .Never had a problem.

You can say what you want but I have had no issues with Roon mac core.

What problems am I having with Roon core on the mac that I don’t know about?
Roon core on the mac has worked flawlessly


Same for me. It is much better (only a tiny delay) with 1.3

Only time I had any problems was because of my wifi setup - got rid of some wireless extenders and that cured any problems.

Contribute to the album art thread here Vladimir:

I share your concern regarding duplicate copies of artworks. I am keen for Roon to be able to edit (delete, add, reorder, name, etc) album art too.

I would like to thank Danny and everyone else on the Roon Labs staff for working on my particular problem.

Danny reached out to me today and we had an extensive troubleshooting phone call .

Roon is a terrific company and the Roon software is the best software Ive ever used for music period.

There are very very few companies that would reach out like Roon has done to resolve a specific issue I have been having.

Thanks guys!


Roon 1.3 running great on Linux Mint with Squeezebox Touch as the End Point. The only initial problem was not seeing my library directory. But an update was already out for that and I have had no problems since then. Very slick upgrade process from the Client.

Great update to an awesome application. Thanks to Roon for all the hard work and keep it up!

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Build 200 appears to be rock solid between Core and Remotes. Thanks for the patches.


My experience of connection by my iPad to the Core has improved substantially. Not sure what was wrong, but it’s better now.


Thanks for the release.
Its a huge and well earned success.
You are far away from any competitors.

Wishes I posted on another thread.

I forgot: Now running stable with more than 600k tracks and more than 90 watched folders!

Holy cow. :cow:

Uaaa… its something like "I downloaded all Internet y’now? I have all on my hard drivers. All. :wink:

So, this is very good proof that Roon works good with “big data”. Good to know. And holy cow too

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So I have to ask, because I am weak (and because I don’t have a 600k track library to test on): What CPU are you using? How is the performance in general and search performance in particular?

So I have to ask, because I am weak (and because I don’t have a 600k track library to test on): What CPU are you using? How is the performance in general and search performance in particular?

I’m only replayed :slight_smile: Someone else downloaded all Internet :wink: Not me. I have only 5% tracks (30k +), nothing special. But this is very good question…

So what’s monster PC works with this library, whats powered Core with 600k tracks and 90+ watching folders? Mac Pro aka trashcan? HP80? :wink: Something bigger than that? And ofc final exp. with this super duper big library.