Roon 1.3 - how to fix the problem of same artists displayed twice under Library


I have a lot of non-english songs/albums in my library, mainly Japanese. Since I would like to see the artist names and song titles in Japanese, I do a lot of manual editing. Roon will try to identify them, but I believe the databases you guys using are probably mostly english based, so not useful to me. I have already manually edited the fields for each album, and choose to use the file information rather from Roon. But still a lot of the albums are split between 2 Artist instances. I have read that Roon 1.3 is supposed to fix this. This morning I upgraded to Roon 1.3, didn’t find anything new in the field editing, and I still get split albums.

Where is the new ‘fix’ in Roon 1.3 to deal with this? It is a bit frustrating not able to see all albums of the same artist under one screen …

Roon does a good job on most songs/albums/artists, but when comes to non-english albums, I think the databases you are using are far from ideal. I do read those non-english characters, so I do like to see the original name of the song in its own language.



I did notice one thing - for one instance of the Artist, all albums are listed as ‘Unidentified’ by Roon, and when I try to re-scan and indentify the album, it comes out with nothing. While the other instance of the artist, those album listed do NOT shown the status of being ‘Unidentified’, so looks like this is the cause of my problem here.

Is there a way to simply tell Roon to ‘ignore’ the ‘Unidentified’ status and just group those albums together under the same name?

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Does it help to merge the artists? That’s a new feature in 1.3…

It’s covered at the end of this page.