Roon 1.3 Linux fail

Updated to 1.3 on linux. Can’t sign in from Windows or IOS. Both devices can see the linux Roon Core. That’s it. Anyone else having this epic fail?

You updated from 1.2? If so you need to update the other machines manually by deleting old versions and downloading new. 1.2 cannot speak to 1.3.

Thanks. Will give it a shot!

Does everyone switch off the auto update on Roon, mine is on all the time and I just update every time automatically and have never had a single self induced “epic fail” you got to love this latest terminology.

Mine will tell me an update is due and invite me to restart the various Roon elements. I think the key is to restart any bridges and remotes first and do the core last. However having versions that don’t talk to each other complicates matters even more.

When I tell Roon to “Update all” it doesn’t seem to update the Roon Remotes, only the Core. To get round this I have to manually install Roon on the Remotes again as for whatever reason the manual update button on the Remotes does not seem to work. I have alerted support to this in another thread.