Roon 1.3 (newest build) Won't Run or Load on Windows 8.1

I downloaded the new build yesterday for Roon 1.3 after about two weeks of thoroughly enjoying the 1.3 upgrade. When I install the new build Roon quickly stopped working many times. I then uninstalled the Roon instance and downloaded a fresh copy and it wouldn’t even start. How do I get a new Roon copy onto my machine that will run like it used to?

If you have not done so already … I would reboot the Windows PC, then download Roon and install.
If that don’t work, then we will need @support to take a look the Roon logs files.

Roon appeared again and now have had both Memory Management reboot errors and just got a Device Driver error. Both cause the PC to reboot.

Hi again Glenn,
The Roon application can’t cause your PC to crash (Windows won’t let it), so I think your PC might be having some issues.
Has anything been changed on the OS recently?
Have you loaded any new device drivers (they can crash Windows if badly behaved)?