Roon 1.3 r193 crashed when enabling Sonos Play:1[Resolved]

Roon crashed when trying to enable Sonos Play:1 on Audio. Music stopped playing, too.

Hi @hk6230 — Thanks for the report. May I kindly ask you to please provide us with the following:

  • Please post the details of your setup, especially your Core platform
  • If possible, please zip up the Logs folder from the install that’s crashing (they are in your Roon database folder) and upload them to Dropbox. Paste the Dropbox link in your reply here.

If you don’t have Dropbox or a place to upload them, just flag @support and we’ll let you know how to send them over to us.


Tested it today, and Play:1 was listed as one of the output device. Streaming music to it was working fine, too. So, I believe it has been resolved.