Roon 1.3 Release Date

Patience, mes amis!

I’d rather have high quality, rugged software than something rushed.

“Always”? How many Roon releases did you see? :wink:



I think one of the issues that stirred up this hornets nest for release in January was DAR’s article (Coming over the hill: the monstrous Roon 1.3).

At the end of his article it said “Once it’s finalised, hopefully sometime in January 2017”. Off course everyone would prefer a robust update, with some minor bugs potentially to become apparent only when released to a worldwide user base.

Also for guys like Steve who’ve been affected by the Tidal error bug it must be a frustration waiting for an update. Roon 1.2 (Build 168) was released early Dec., so some people may have had to put up with this bug for nearly 2 months now.

I’m a lifetime member so have the luxury of time on my side, but it still doesn’t stop me hoping for the update to be released soon.

Would like to say that I’m a very happy Roon user, and appreciate all the work that the guys put into not only Roon and the periodic updates, but also the fantastic Roon Community Forum (would fully agree with the previous words from hdls - Roon rocks, it really does).

Keep up the good work guys and gals, and hopefully soon(ish) we can all get to enjoy the new 1.3 :+1:


I think the wait is until Apple releases the new Roon app?
Otherwise it will not work with 1.3
Apple has to count his billions of profits first…?

Oh I really hope not :smirk:

It wouldn’t surprise me though.

Gone back to listening to my music, rather than waiting for an update :slight_smile:

It’s here!

Where… where… where…

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You’ve got mail, Bugs… :wink:

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Checked for the update a few times…still nothing!

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Got the mail too :slight_smile: certainly got my attention :slight_smile:

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Yup, here in the states, anyway! How many times have you checked the settings in the app since you got the email message?:smile:

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Now…5…make that 8.

So do the apps all auto-update or do we download them all? It doesn’t help that the Version number is unlisted in the Downloads section!

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For those who can’t find the email (for whatever reason), here the full content:

We’re very excited to announce that Roon 1.3 is going live today! This is our most ambitious release ever – in the works for nearly nine months – but we think it’s been worth the wait. With new streaming hardware support, audio processing, DSP, file handling, metadata management, and social sharing, there are new features and improvements in almost every area of the product.

We’ve incorporated hundreds of suggestions from you, and thrown in a few of our own:

With the 1.3 update, Roon now streams to Sonos devices! This means all the users in a home – with one app and one music collection – can play music to Sonos, Airplay, Squeezebox, Sooloos, and any of over 50 Roon Ready devices available today.

We’ve added a whole family of audio and DSP features with a 64-bit audio pipeline, including dynamic range analysis, EQ, upsampling, crossfeed for headphones, and adjustments for headroom as well as corrections for speaker phase and delay.

Roon learns about you as you use it. You create playlists, tags, and groom your collection to be presented just the way you want. Now all of that can be automatically backed up, both locally and to Dropbox. Backups are incremental and configurable, so you can save as much history as you like.

Roon users have been talking about their favorite music on our community site, on social networks, and even by texting screenshots from their phones. With 1.3, you can create shareable images about artists, albums, and songs, including all of Roon’s metadata and your own comments. Images can be posted directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Imgur, or saved to your device.

Starting with a new lightning-fast search, we’ve improved performance across the board. Audio and database operations are faster, and communication between Core and Remotes is more responsive.
There’s so much in Roon 1.3 that it would be impossible to cover here. We’ll be sending some emails over the next few weeks to dive into some of the new key features in greater detail.

Now is a good time to make sure you have a current backup and confirm your system meets our recommendations if you’re going to take advantage of Roon’s new DSP features.

As always, we want to hear how Roon is working for you. Have a comment, a suggestion, or just want to share the love? Drop by our community site and say hello!

Thanks as always for your support!

does Roon server check for updates or is it Roon that checks?

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